See the Impactful Journey this Rising Leader Made While Growing His Family Legacy

PHCC Rising Leader Adam Meny
November 21, 2023
By Staff Writer, PHCC-National Association

Written by this month’s Rising Leader, Adam Meny.

Growing up as a child in a family that owns a business can be stressful for a lot of people. That wasn’t the case for me. The family business has been growing and expanding into bigger and better things since the 1880’s and has now ventured on for five generations. Growing up in the family business with a father that is passionate about his work was helpful for me to learn and grow because he had high standards for myself as not only his son, but also the future of his company.

I was born and raised in Haubstadt, Indiana, a very small community, where I spent a lot of summers and Saturdays riding along in the work truck with my father to service calls. When I turned 14, I was told it was time to get up and go to work. Once I started, I never looked back. Even when school was out for snow days and holidays, I went to work. When I went to college, I doubled down by completing my bachelor’s degree in business, and I went to a trade school to complete my Plumbing License. S.R. Meny Inc. is on the edge of turning a new chapter in the business world as my sister and I take over the company. We are looking to turn the leaf and form a more modern business, while keeping the foundation laid for us from the past four generations.

I started attending PHCC of Indiana State Conventions with my dad when I was still learning the field. My dad asked if I wanted to tag along to a PHCC of Indiana State Board meeting. I said “Sure why not? I will give it a shot,” and then I took off with the ball rolling. I accepted a position on the State Board in 2015, with all credit going towards PHCC of Indiana Executive Director Brenda Dant and my dad, Randy Meny, for the initial nudge to get my feet wet. I have served on the Indiana State Board for two years at large, then Vice President, President-Elect and then finally President for the term of 2019-2020. Then I was highly recommended to take the place of a wonderful mentor, Laura Ciriello-Benedict, as she was asked to move into a higher role on the PHCC—National Association Board of Directors. I served the remainder of Laura’s three-year term as the Zone 3 Director and now have been offered the chance to stay on in the same role for another three years.

I have been married to my wife Sarah since 2014. We have three amazing children together: our son Ryan (age 6), our daughter Adaleigh (Age 3) and our sweet baby Meny, who has been called home to watch over all of us. My son, Ryan, tells everyone he wants to grow up to work with “his daddy and papaw on water heaters and drains.” My dad and I are starting him young, per his request, by bringing him to the shop to “work” as Ryan calls it. It is more like playing on large equipment, helping all our guys unload and load their service trucks for the day, etc., but more importantly, seeing the smile on his face is the most rewarding end goal I could ask for as his dad.

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