Business Management

  • 04.17.24

    federated insurance - Safety and risk management

    Federated Insurance® Chairman Jeffrey E. Fetters Announces Retirement; Nicholas R. Lower to be Appointed Company’s Next Chairman

    Long-time Chairman of the Federated Insurance Companies, Jeffrey E. Fetters, announced his planned...

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  • 04.03.24

    CEO Business and People Message: Cindy Sheridan

    Bringing out the Best in People

    Open communication. Emotional intelligence. Workplace Culture. We keep hearing these buzzwords as areas that we – as leaders – should place more focus. But how do they really translate? When it comes to action, what should we really be doing to build and maintain a welcoming and successful organization? Since I came onboard as PHCC’s chief executive officer, the folks here at PHCC—National have …

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  • 03.26.24

    Bradford White hvac Energy refrigerant

    Proposed HFC Refrigerant Regulations Threaten Regulatory Stability

    At the beginning of this year, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) proposed amendments to how the state regulates HFC refrigerant gasses that are contained within appliances. While other states have been content to largely follow the lead established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on regulating these substances, DEC’s proposal represents an …

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  • 03.18.24

    Solutions - Header - Recruitment

    Solutions You Can Use: Effectively Leveraging Social Media for Recruitment

    The following is an excerpt from a PHCC Solutions magazine article written by Sheryl S. Jackson for the upcoming Spring 2024 edition of the magazine. The article focuses on how businesses can leverage social media platforms to better recruit new employees. Below is a bulleted list featured at the end of the article, summarizing different ways…

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  • 03.15.24

    Cornetta plumber

    I Was Born to Be a Plumber

    I’ve mentioned before how my grandfather began this journey back in 1946. The country was still recovering from the war, and thousands of veterans were returning home. Housing and building demands put the trades on warp speed. My grandfather stood 5’ 6” tall, established a business, and had the work ethic of 10 men. It’s hard to imagine starting a business in today’s web of regulations and; …

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  • 03.11.24

    Plumbing & Mechanical Women in Plumbing

    Four PHCC Members Featured in P&M’s 10 Influential Women in the Plumbing Industry

    Nicole Krawcke of Plumbing & Mechanical recently published a piece titled "Celebrating 10 Influential Women in the Plumbing Industry - Ten leading women share the value of a career in the trades, and how to attract more women into the field." We were so pleased to see that FOUR of the 10 women featured are proud PHCC contractors! Congratulations to Katie Byrd of Clarksburg Plumbing, Amy Hart …

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  • 03.01.24

    federated insurance - Safety and risk management

    Federated Insurance Launches 2½-Day Risk Management Academy Offering for All Industries in June

    Federated Insurance® is excited to formally invite business owners in all industries to attend one of our complimentary 2½-Day Risk Management Academy (RMA) offerings from June 4-6, 2024. Led by risk management professionals, this session will be held at Federated’s Home Office in Owatonna, Minnesota. Often, business owners may find themselves so busy in the… more

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  • 02.12.24

    Economic Outlook

    2024 Economic Outlook

    A look at the latest economic and employment trends … and how you as plumbing and HVACR contractors can use them to identify where growth will occur and possibly shift your strategies. As plumbing and HVACR contractors face a host of both business challenges and opportunities this year, strategic planning and adaptability will be key factors in your company achieving success. With this report, …

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  • 02.05.24

    phcp pros

    PHCP Pros Covers Supplier-Contractor Relationship Panel

    Steve Smith of PHCP Pros presented this recap of the Supplier-Contractor Relationship Panel at PHCCCONNECT2023, held in Cleveland, Ohio, on Oct. 26, 2023. READ THE FULL ARTICLE FROM PHCP PROS HERE And don’t forget to mark your calendars for CONNECT in 2024! PHCCCONNECT2024 | Oct. 7-10 | Birmingham, Alabama  

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  • 12.12.23

    Cornetta plumber

    We’re Environmentalists by Trade

    As plumbing and HVAC contractors, we are typically blue collar, self-employed, hard-working, and patriotic tradesmen and tradeswomen carrying the weight of the U.S. economy through essential services that Americans literally cannot live without. Plumbers and HVAC contractors have a constitutional right, like any citizen, to petition their government for a redress of grievances, a right enshrined …

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