PHCC Political Action Committee (PHCC-PAC)

What is the PHCC-PAC?

PHCC-PAC is a fund created by contributions from members like you used to fund the election of candidates who understand our unique needs and interests.

Why Should I Donate?

The regulations and laws made by lawmakers affect us and our businesses on a daily basis.

Our collective responsibility is to educate our officials on the issues that affect our industry and our companies before they make those decisions. Our duty is to support the election of candidates who understand and sympathize with our issues.

The PHCC-PAC combines our members’ concerns and interests into one cohesive voice. That unified voice carries far greater power than any single individual.

How Can I Donate?

We support you, so please support us. Contribute to PHCC-PAC today to support our work in Washington, DC.

Contribution Form

Note: In order to fill out this form, you’ll need to download it your computer and open it using Adobe Reader. Opening the form in most internet browsers or on mobile devices removes the interactive functionality. 

With your help we can continue to represent members like you. For more information about PHCC-PAC, contact Mark Riso, Vice President of Legislative Affairs, at or 800-533-7694.