Our Staff

Don’t know who you need to contact? Write to customercare@naphcc.org and your request will be forwarded to the correct staff member. Click here to download our staff organization chart.



Executive Office
Michael Copp
Michael Copp, MA, MIRM
Chief Executive Officer
Shelly Cook
Director of Executive Office Operations and National Auxiliary
Member Services and Customer Care
Elizabeth Grotos
Senior Director of Member Services and Customer Care, CAE
Patrice Jackson
Coordinator, Member Services and Customer Care
Jennifer Brugman
Member Services Coordinator
Raylene LeGrande
Manager, Member Services and Customer Care
David Chic
Program Director, QSC, CCA
Dawn Dalton
Member Communities Manager, QSC, CCA
Beth Dobkin
Director of Business Coaching Services, Quality Service Contractors
Les Hanks
Business Coach, Quality Service Contractors
Rick Mears
Business Coach, Quality Service Contractors
Business Development Education Communications & Marketing
Elicia Magruder
Vice President of Business Development
Heidi Salati
Director of Education and Training
Charlotte R. Perham
Vice President of Communications & Marketing
Advocacy Finance & Administration
Chuck White
Vice President of Regulatory Affairs
Mark Valentini
Director of Legislative Affairs
Michael Ahearn
Vice President of Finance and Human Resources
Katharine Dill
Senior Accountant
Marcus Steele
Staff Accountant
PHCC Educational Foundation
Cynthia A. Sheridan
Chief Operating Officer, PHCC Educational Foundation
John Zink
Vice President of Development and Communications, PHCC Educational Foundation
Angela Collins
Senior Director of Apprenticeship and Online Training, PHCC Educational Foundation