• 06.08.23


    PHCCCONNECT2023 Set to Help Plumbing and HVACR Contractors Make Real Progress on Their Businesses

    FALLS CHURCH, VA. — For plumbing and HVACR contractors who are eager to discover proven, practical ideas to meet their business goals, the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors—National Association (PHCC) is providing real insights, real solutions, and real value at its annual Conference and Product & Technology Showcase – PHCCCONNECT2023 – to be held this year on Oct. 25-27 in Cleveland,. …

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  • 06.07.23

    PHCC Legislative Conference Coverage

    PHCC Legislative Conference Covered by the ACHR News

    Matt Jachman of ACHR News wrote a piece on his time attending the 2023 PHCC Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C. Matt was able to tag along for multiple meetings on Capitol Hill between legislators and...

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  • 06.01.23

    Legislative Meeting Stats Vertical

    PHCC Legislative Conference: Expertise on Capitol Hill

    FALLS CHURCH, VA. — The Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors–National Association (PHCC) welcomed PHCC members, chapter executives, and corporate partners to Washington, D.C., May 16-17, to meet with lawmakers and educate them on energy, economic, and workforce policies that are important to the industry and consumers. Before heading to Capitol Hill as industry experts, members first heard from …

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  • 05.25.23

    Linda Hudek

    PHCC Rising Leader Linda Hudek

    This month’s spotlight is on PHCC Rising Leader Linda Hudek, who owns and operates LH Plumbing Services in Fairfield, Ohio. Her company provides both residential and commercial plumbing services. As a dedicated licensed master plumber, Linda styles herself with a strong “can do” attitude that works wonders in Ohio. Linda has been in the plumbing trade for 18 years and has owned her own plumbing …

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  • 05.25.23

    PHCC of Georgia

    PHCC of Georgia Receives Award for its Power Up Program with Partner CobbWorks

    Congratulations to PHCC of Georgia and CobbWorks, which received the Cinda Herdon-King Award by CareerRise earlier this month for their Power Up Plumbing Pilot Program. The award honors an organization that has demonstrated innovation in creating collaborative, employer-driven career training programs in the metro Atlanta region. Together, PHCC of Georgia and CobbWorks were selected for their …

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  • 04.27.23


    Viega Announces New Experience Center in New York

    BROOMFIELD, Colo., April 25, 2023 – Viega customers will have an opportunity to connect and learn new skills at the new Viega Experience Center, opening this summer in New York City. Construction began early in 2023. This new flagship location will serve as a centralized hub for Viega to support and connect with its east coast customers and provide opportunities to host events and meetings. The …

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  • 04.14.23

    Mechanical Hub Ft. President Dave Frame and CEO Cindy Sheridan Joel Long

    President Dave Frame and CEO Cindy Sheridan Featured on “Appetite for Construction” Podcast—Mechanical Hub Media

    PHCC—National Association President Dave Frame and CEO Cindy Sheridan appeared on Mechanical Hub's "Appetite for Construction" Podcast to talk about their current roles, adding union shops to the PHCC membership, and the new PHCC Contractor Confidence Index (CCI). Listen to what they had to say at the link below: Appetite for Construction: Up Close with PHCC President Dave Frame and CEO Cindy …

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  • 04.13.23

    UAC Presentation

    Recap: UAC’s “Constructive Collective Bargaining Seminar”

    Nearly 50 signatory association officials, chapter executives and management industry leaders took part in an encore presentation of this full-day seminar held by the Union Affiliated Contractors (UAC) of PHCC—National Association in Oak Brook, Illinois, on April 5. The event was comprised of four informative...

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  • 04.11.23

    PHCC CEO Cindy Sheridan

    PHCC CEO Cindy Sheridan Featured in PHCP PROS Women in PHCP 2023

    PHCC CEO Cindy Sheridan was celebrated along with 13 other women in the plumbing, heating, cooling and piping industry. Each of the women were asked six questions and their answers were published in the article. You can see Cindy's answers below: What is your role in the PHCP industry? As CEO of PHCC, I work to ensure that our members are recognized as the best choice in their respective …

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  • 12.21.22

    Election News

    WIOA Grants: A Valuable Resource for Your Training Programs

    The Workforce Innovation and Opportunities Act (WIOA, originally Workforce Investment Act [WIA]) was reauthorized in 2014, continuing a popular workforce grant program originally started in 1998 to help jobseekers find employment and training opportunities to secure work in high-demand fields. With the current workforce shortage, combined with shifts in the post-pandemic labor market, WIOA is …

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