• 12.06.23

    Wholesaler Panel

    A Rock Star Playing Field

    In today’s ever-changing business landscape, strengthening the contractor/wholesaler channel is critical to survival. A recent general session at PHCCCONNECT2023 drilled deep into the conversation. “How does my supplier make me look like a rock star?” asked Dan Callies, president of Oak Creek Plumbing, Inc., Oak Creek, Wisconsin, during the “Collaborative Connections: Strengthening Supplier …

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  • 11.20.23


    Climate Change Policies’ Pipe Dreams

    This article was written by guest columnist Terry O'Brien, Executive Vice President for the Association of Contracting Plumbers of the City of New York, and Senior Director for the Plumbing Foundation City of New York. In light of Climate Week NYC, which occurred September 17-22, I would be remiss if I did not address a topic that has universal impact and is important to so many of us: combating …

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  • 11.15.23

    PHCC - Staff Awards

    Celebrating the Very Best of 2023

    2023 PHCC—National Awards 2023 Col. George D. Scott Award: Kevin Tindall, Windsor, New Jersey 2023 Plumbing Contractor of the Year (sponsored by Delta Faucet Co.): Rob and Tony Bertolino, Bertolino Plumbing & Heating, Virginia Beach, Virginia 2023 HVAC Contractor of the Year (sponsored by Rheem): Danny Reddick, Reddick & Sons Plumbing and HVAC, Manassas, Virginia 2023 “PHCC Safety!” …

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  • 10.05.23


    Q&A with Incoming PHCC President Joe Cornetta Published by PHCP Pros

    Joe Cornetta, third-generation co-owner of Cornetta Bros. Plumbing and Heating, will start his term as president at PHCCCONNECT2023 next month in Cleveland. Read PHCP Pros' Steve Smith's Q&A with Cornetta on PHCP Pros' website by following the link below! https://www.phcppros.com/articles/18126-q-and-a-with-incoming-phcc-president-joe …

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  • 09.25.23

    Bradford White Energy

    Department of Energy Issues Proposals and Final Rule on Water Heater and Boiler Products

    On July 28, 2023, the United States Department of Energy (DOE) released over 2,000 pages of information that include a pre-published Final Rule for commercial water heater energy efficiency standards, as well as proposed rules for energy efficiency standards for both residential water heaters (published) and residential boilers, the latter of which was officially published on Aug. 14, 2023. …

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  • 07.14.23


    NLRB Captive Audience Meeting Interpretation

    The General Counsel for the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) issued a memorandum related to what constitutes a “Captive Audience” Meeting, GC 22-04. (See Memorandum) This memorandum informs regional offices that the long standing practice of allowing employers to require employees to attend mandatory meetings where employers could provide information in opposition to the union is unlawful …

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  • 06.07.23

    PHCC Legislative Conference Coverage

    PHCC Legislative Conference Covered by the ACHR News

    Matt Jachman of ACHR News wrote a piece on his time attending the 2023 PHCC Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C. Matt was able to tag along for multiple meetings on Capitol Hill between legislators and...

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  • 06.01.23

    Legislative Meeting Stats Vertical

    PHCC Legislative Conference: Expertise on Capitol Hill

    FALLS CHURCH, VA. — The Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors–National Association (PHCC) welcomed PHCC members, chapter executives, and corporate partners to Washington, D.C., May 16-17, to meet with lawmakers and educate them on energy, economic, and workforce policies that are important to the industry and consumers. Before heading to Capitol Hill as industry experts, members first heard from …

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  • 04.26.23

    Bradford White Energy

    For State Energy Policies, the Only Thing Certain is Uncertainty

    As states wrap up or continue their 2023 legislative sessions, nearly all of them have weighed in on the topic of natural gas. Hawaii and Rhode Island have introduced legislation this year hoping to enact all-electric policies statewide on the heels of dozens of communities throughout California who have previously enacted these ordinances, which effectively ban the use of natural gas in new …

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  • 12.21.22

    Election News

    WIOA Grants: A Valuable Resource for Your Training Programs

    The Workforce Innovation and Opportunities Act (WIOA, originally Workforce Investment Act [WIA]) was reauthorized in 2014, continuing a popular workforce grant program originally started in 1998 to help jobseekers find employment and training opportunities to secure work in high-demand fields. With the current workforce shortage, combined with shifts in the post-pandemic labor market, WIOA is …

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