It’s Your Story to Tell

President's Corner : Business Intelligence with Dave Frame
October 9, 2023
By Dave Frame

People. Our association was built on bringing together like-minded people with passion and a purpose. And even though much has changed in our 140 years, people still are – and always will be – our most valuable resource to our member companies.

The same holds true with my business. A fourth generation of my family is now running the company that my grandfather, Samuel Frame, started in 1932. Our practices have changed. Technology certainly has changed the way we do business. We’ve expanded not only our team and our number of trucks but also our areas of service (into commercial, industrial, and municipal). What hasn’t changed is that our people are still dedicated to the core values that were important to my grandfather more than 91 years ago: honesty, quality, integrity, and service.

And that’s a good story to tell, because our customers take comfort in knowing they’re entering into a professional relationship with a company that not only has history and experience but values that have helped establish trust within our community for nearly a century. It’s why when you go to our company’s website – – the first thing you see is a photo of our team and an invitation to find out more “About Us.”

Marketing Your Story

Your company also is built on a story, and I’m pretty positive it’s centered around your people. Use that story to make potential customers – and potential employees – want to learn more about your company.

Of course, the best way to share your story is through your marketing efforts. They say “a picture is worth a thousand words,” but – especially with such diversity in our country – photos truly transcend words and language barriers. Show your team. Develop individual profiles on your techs. Highlight a recent project.

Adapt your story to your website. Be sure you have an “About Us” and “Join Us” tab where customers can learn about your history and potential recruits can get involved.

And most definitely use social media. There’s no better way to expand your reach. Learn which platforms your target audience uses the most and weave your story – your people – into your posts. When you shape your marketing strategy around your story and the value you have to offer, people are bound to notice.

A Chance to CONNECT Our People

I’m so excited for PHCCCONNECT2023 – coming up soon, Oct. 25-27, in Cleveland, Ohio – because the CONNECT conference is always the best opportunity my company has all year long to share stories with like-minded people, learn new ways of doing things, and meet all of PHCC’s professional partners who are dedicated to teaching us the latest technologies that make our jobs easier.

Of course, as a union contractor, I’m personally eager to attend the special sessions this year hosted by PHCC’s Union-Affiliated Contractors (UAC). In addition to an open roundtable with United Association, UAC welcomes attorney Christina Warnick to lead a session on “Remaining Ready Before, During & After Union Trust Fund Audits” and another on “Fund Trustee Realities & Responsibilities.”

There’s always something for everyone at CONNECT. I know that when I’m with people who share my purpose and passion, I never leave that conference without feeling inspired to try something new!

PHCC—National Association President Dave Frame is CEO of Bob Frame Plumbing Services, Inc., a fourth-generation family business in South Bend, Indiana.

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