Congress on Cusp of Government Funding Plan

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March 20, 2024
By Mark Valentini, Director of Legislative Affairs

In what is likely one final last-minute deal on government funding for the remainder of the fiscal year, lawmakers look to avert a partial government shutdown by agreeing to a long-term continuing resolution (CR) that would keep the federal government fully operational through September 30. A first tier of funding keeping the Departments of Agriculture, Energy, Veterans Affairs, Transportation, and Housing and Urban Development and related agencies funded at FY23 levels through Sept. 30 passed earlier this month which accounts for approximately 30% of government operations; Congress is on the verge of funding the remaining 70%. These remaining agencies are currently funded through March 22 under a previous CR, and Congress must act to avert a shutdown of those agencies.

The legislation is currently moving through the process, but a House rule instituted by Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) requires a 72-hour period to give lawmakers time to review legislation before they vote on it. This may drag out the process past the Friday midnight deadline resulting in a temporary government shutdown over the weekend until the legislation passes Congress and goes to the President for his signature.

Congress edges closer to September 30, when they will again need to consider another vehicle to keep government operational into the new fiscal year. Election year politics are sure to make the debate contentious.

Director of Legislative Affairs
, PHCC-National Association
Mark Valentini is the Director of Legislative Affairs for PHCC—National Association. A seasoned professional with more than 20 years of experience on Capitol Hill and with several national trade associations, Valentini applies his expertise in public policy, workforce and training, and insurance and tax matters to advocate on behalf of all PHCC members.

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