Michael Copp, Executive Vice President

  • 06.26.20

    Employee Commitment

    In recent months given the COVID-19 pandemic, the result has been a staggering unemployment rate within a very short period of time.  This has resulted in greater fear of job insecurity and likely lower organizational commitment.  The type of commitment that an individual inherently feels toward the company can help determine the degree of success that an employee will have in their role and …

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  • 06.04.20

    Nuclear Verdicts and Social Inflation

    Last July I wrote about the dangers and risk to a contractor’s business related to cellphone use and distracted driving. And now the litigious environment is getting more frightening as a trend toward nuclear verdicts--a verdict in excess of $10 million (or is considerably high as compared to the injuries and damages) continues to grow. We were told that there are investment firms who will pay …

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  • 05.08.20

    Raising Awareness About Suicide Prevention

    Referring to a male-dominated industry made up of tough people who do not talk about their feelings, Te-Ping Chen (2020) wrote in his March 11, 2020, Wall Street Journal article, Construction Industry Tackles Suicide, an Occupational Hazard, “Among occupations in the U.S., workers in construction and extraction face the highest rate of suicide, according to a January report from the Centers for …

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  • 04.24.20

    COVID Recovery Efforts

    Many of the personal hygiene and medical protocols needed to ultimately eradicate this disease takes for granted the availability the heating and cooling of water, and maintaining healthy temperatures and humidity of controlled air. Most states designated PHCC plumbing and HVAC contractors as providing “essential services” and our members as a vital part of a community of care that dates back …

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  • 04.09.20

    Coronavirus Creating a New Leadership Role

    Napoleon once described a leader as “a dealer in hope.” I think, however, that people are the true dealers in hope who can often inspire leaders to show the way toward a vision. During this difficult time, I would suggest that leaders must now effectively lead a group of people through virtual synergistic efforts and create new and enriched processes for achieving excellence whilst making their …

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  • 03.13.20

    Coronavirus Guidelines from PHCC—National Association

    With the spread of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, we are all concerned with the potential for conditions to worsen. It is vitally important that PHCC members take the appropriate steps to reduce the impact of the outbreak on your business, workers, customers and the public. A list of helpful resources is provided below to help you effectively manage your business--and protect public health …

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  • 03.04.20

    Coronavirus Considerations for Contractors

    As of this writing, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports that there are 106 confirmed cases of U.S. citizens infected by what is called COVID-19, which stands for the year the coronavirus disease was discovered.  Contractors need to consider additional steps to protect employees to the extent they can. McCarthy Tétrault LLP (2020) writes in his article, Coronavirus - Advice for Employers …

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  • 02.14.20

    Your Business is Really a Community

    Let’s think about your business… you know, the place you spend at least 2,000 plus hours a year out of the 6,736 hours available- assuming you also sleep. Much of that time is spent with “paid volunteers,” the majority of whom spend at least the same number of hours away from their home actively growing the business- something that is bigger than themselves. Henry Mintzberg (2009) wrote in his …

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  • 01.25.20

    The Future of Event Marketing

    I recently came across some interesting event marketing trends and predictions in a regular newsletter from MDG, a PHCC marketing consultant. In the article written by Renee Goldstein (2019), Predicting the Future of Event Marketing, she outlines marketing tips and how to offer a personalized experience to attendees. (Retrieved on the World Wide Web on Dec. 23, 2019, here) Many of the concepts I …

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  • 01.13.20

    We Mean Business
    PHCC—National’s Top Accomplishments in 2019
    Reinforce Commitment to the P-H-C Industry

    When it comes to giving our members the power to succeed, PHCC truly means business. In the past year, your association implemented numerous new programs and opportunities to connect our members with a powerful network of professionals, help them maintain high standards, safeguard their interests, and provide them with the best education and training in the industry. Among PHCC’s top …

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  • 01.10.20

    Contractor Survey Results for HARDI Conference

    For several years, PHCC and Heating, Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Distributors International (HARDI) are both members of the HVACR Alliance , which collaborates on legislative and regulatory efforts, as well as shares industry intelligence and best practices.  I was invited to speak to the attendees of HARDI’s 2019 Annual Conference: Pulse-- and share recent survey results that PHCC …

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  • 12.06.19

    Leadership Succession (and Membership Growth)

    These challenges exist for our members and for our own associations. Jeff De Cagna FASAE, Principled Innovation LLC; John H. Graham IV FASAE, CAE, President & CEO American Society of Association Executives’ Rick Church, Head Coach, CM Services; and Seth Kahn, Executive Strategy and Innovation Specialist; hosted a webinar several years ago, “NAM Future of Associations.” They shared the …

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