Michael Copp, Executive Vice President

  • 12.06.19

    Leadership Succession (and Membership Growth)

    These challenges exist for our members and for our own associations. Jeff De Cagna FASAE, Principled Innovation LLC; John H. Graham IV FASAE, CAE, President & CEO American Society of Association Executives’ Rick Church, Head Coach, CM Services; and Seth Kahn, Executive Strategy and Innovation Specialist; hosted a webinar several years ago, “NAM Future of Associations.” They shared the …

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  • 11.08.19

    A Different View of Membership Recruitment

    Membership recruitment and retention continue to be major focus areas for PHCC; however, the three-tier federation structure of our association is not growing sufficiently to replenish members who’ve left, in addition to recruiting new members.  While we continue to lean on member benefits and discounts offered at each level of the federation to prove value in joining, the fact is that if …

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  • 10.18.19

    How Amazon Has Impacted the Construction Industry

    Blake Morgan wrote in her April 2018 CMO Network article, Will Amazon Get Into The Construction Business? “Many customers who have newer homes have created a smart home hub – where Amazon’s Alexa or Google’s Go are connected to the lights, music, front door lock, thermostat, video cameras, external security system and more.”  Morgan notes that it would make sense that Amazon would want to take …

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  • 09.13.19

    Protecting Membership/ Customer Information

    According to a recent article in www.Securitymagazine.com, data breaches cost $654 Billion in 2018 while exposing 2.8 billion consumer data records.  According to the article, “personally identifiable information (PII) was the most targeted data for breaches in 2018, comprising 97 percent of all breaches.”  (Retrieved from the World Wide Web on September 5, 2019 at https://www.securitymagazine …

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  • 08.21.19

    Five Generations Equal Five Preferred Communication Styles

    Association executives are managing a diversity of members that extend across five very different generations (the same can be said of PHCC contractors and their employees). The following table shares some characteristics of each generation and what they expect when they join an association. In particular, I was fascinated by the preferred communication style for each generation shown below.  …

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  • 08.02.19

    Snowplow Parenting – Why Does this Matter to You

    The recent college bribery scandals as well as the very public overactive parenting of Liangelo, Lonzo and LaMelo Ball have highlighted the existence of “snowplow parenting”- “a person who constantly forces obstacles out of their kids’ paths. They have their eye on the future success of their child, and anyone or anything that stands in their way has to be removed.”  (Retrieved on June 24, 2019 …

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  • 07.12.19

    Nuclear Verdicts – A Rapidly Growing Trend

    During a PHCC Risk Management and Safety Committee meeting I attended in June at Federated Insurance, Federated executives reminded the committee about the dangers and risk to a contractor’s business related to cellphone use and distracted driving. “Fifteen states and the District of Columbia have already banned handheld devices while driving. Among them is Washington state, which is now citing …

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  • 06.17.19

    Jobs Outlook Can Drive Membership Recruitment and Retention

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there were 480,600 plumbing jobs back in 2016, with positive growth expected for the next 10 years. “Employment of plumbers, pipefitters, and steamfitters is projected to grow 16 percent from 2016 to 2026, much faster than the average for all occupations.” (Retrieved on May 3, 2019 from the World Wide Web at https://www.bls.gov/ooh/construction …

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  • 05.20.19

    Advocacy Means “Calling for Action”

    The PHCC Federation represents (as described back in 1883) a membership of “allied contractors” engaged in a “movement” dedicated to the “advancement and education of the plumbing and HVACR industry for the health, safety, and comfort of society and the protection of the environment.” This movement requires engagement at the local, state, and national level to ensure that members mobilize in …

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  • 05.03.19

    Focusing on Membership Recruitment

    As the PHCC National team wraps up its budget development process for 2019/20, clearly membership recruitment and retention need to be a primary focus for the next fiscal year.  While it’s been a major focus area within the PHCC strategic plan, the federation is not growing sufficiently to replenish members who’ve left, in addition to recruiting new members.  So how do we stack up overall?  PHCC …

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  • 03.22.19

    PHCC Strategic Preparation

    Paul D. Meyer, is President and Co-CEO of Tecker International, LLC, and recently conducted and annual strategic review with PHCC National Association. Part of those discussions included how to help our members and our association weather the impending recession forecasted for 2020-2021. Several considerations are listed below for your awareness: Leadership and management – Leadership includes …

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  • 02.28.19

    2019: Helping Our Members Thrive

    2019 is the Chinese Year of the Brown Earth Pig (aardvark). Unlike the aardvark, we will not be sticking our head in the ground, but rather looking above the berm to see how we can help contractors thrive. As the PHCC Board of Directors prepared to review PHCC’s strategic plan earlier this year, we saw several areas within the industry where we can actively support our members. Here’s what you …

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