Michael Copp, Executive Vice President

  • 10.23.20

    Remote Employees and Flextime

    The COVID-19 pandemic continues to force up to half of all American workers to work remotely, in large part to address concerns regarding workplace safety. This has offered employees who work from home with the ability to accommodate other demands, such as remote learning for children and home care for elderly family members. The pandemic introduced a presumption of employer flexibility in how …

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  • 09.25.20

    Symbology as a Surrogate of Organizational Truth

    We should question symbols within our working environments that over time can transform into proxies of our corporate truth-- our values as leaders and as organizations. Value alignment between organizations and individuals is, in general, a critical tenant of maintaining proper employee morale and commitment. Symbology can be a language that interprets the relationship between individuals and …

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  • 08.27.20

    Telepresence Reshaping the Workplace

    I recently read an article by Derek Thompson (2020) with The Atlantic, The Workforce Is About to Change Dramatically, in which he shares what economist David Autor and MIT’s Elisabeth Reynolds assert about the impact of “the rise of remote work—or what they call ‘telepresence’—[leading] to a more homebound life that creates less work for others.” (Retrieved from the World Wide Web on August 11, …

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  • 08.07.20

    Temperature Assessment Devices

    There has been increased interest in temperature assessment devices as part of an overall COVID-19 response plan as businesses begin to reopen.  There is some hesitancy in using these instruments because in part as the Federal Drug Administration notes in its article, Non-contact Temperature Assessment Devices During the COVID-19 Pandemic, “Some studies suggest that temperature measurements …

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  • 07.17.20

    Feeling More Fatigued Lately

    I do not know about you, but I feel more bushed by the end of the day than I did before the pandemic forced a lot of us to telework from home. I maintain that this feeling of exhaustion comes from stress that is induced in part from feeling a general lack of control. In an article published by Psychology Today, its authors list common symptoms of stress: (Retrieved from the World Wide Web on …

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  • 06.26.20

    Employee Commitment

    In recent months given the COVID-19 pandemic, the result has been a staggering unemployment rate within a very short period of time.  This has resulted in greater fear of job insecurity and likely lower organizational commitment.  The type of commitment that an individual inherently feels toward the company can help determine the degree of success that an employee will have in their role and …

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  • 06.04.20

    Nuclear Verdicts and Social Inflation

    Last July I wrote about the dangers and risk to a contractor’s business related to cellphone use and distracted driving. And now the litigious environment is getting more frightening as a trend toward nuclear verdicts--a verdict in excess of $10 million (or is considerably high as compared to the injuries and damages) continues to grow. We were told that there are investment firms who will pay …

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  • 05.08.20

    Raising Awareness About Suicide Prevention

    Referring to a male-dominated industry made up of tough people who do not talk about their feelings, Te-Ping Chen (2020) wrote in his March 11, 2020, Wall Street Journal article, Construction Industry Tackles Suicide, an Occupational Hazard, “Among occupations in the U.S., workers in construction and extraction face the highest rate of suicide, according to a January report from the Centers for …

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  • 04.24.20

    COVID Recovery Efforts

    Many of the personal hygiene and medical protocols needed to ultimately eradicate this disease takes for granted the availability the heating and cooling of water, and maintaining healthy temperatures and humidity of controlled air. Most states designated PHCC plumbing and HVAC contractors as providing “essential services” and our members as a vital part of a community of care that dates back …

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  • 04.09.20

    Coronavirus Creating a New Leadership Role

    Napoleon once described a leader as “a dealer in hope.” I think, however, that people are the true dealers in hope who can often inspire leaders to show the way toward a vision. During this difficult time, I would suggest that leaders must now effectively lead a group of people through virtual synergistic efforts and create new and enriched processes for achieving excellence whilst making their …

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  • 03.13.20

    Coronavirus Guidelines from PHCC—National Association

    With the spread of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, we are all concerned with the potential for conditions to worsen. It is vitally important that PHCC members take the appropriate steps to reduce the impact of the outbreak on your business, workers, customers and the public. A list of helpful resources is provided below to help you effectively manage your business--and protect public health …

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  • 03.04.20

    Coronavirus Considerations for Contractors

    As of this writing, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports that there are 106 confirmed cases of U.S. citizens infected by what is called COVID-19, which stands for the year the coronavirus disease was discovered.  Contractors need to consider additional steps to protect employees to the extent they can. McCarthy Tétrault LLP (2020) writes in his article, Coronavirus - Advice for Employers …

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