Episode 19 – Golden Opportunities for Plumbing and HVAC Pros in Wisconsin

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Episode 19 – Golden Opportunities for Plumbing and HVAC Pros in Wisconsin


PHCC of Wisconsin knows how to spot an opportunity! For more than 125 years, the chapter has been leveraging chances to work with government, union and non-union contractors, educators, and corporate partners to not only improve its members’ businesses but to secure the future of the entire p-h-c industry across the Badger State! During this episode, PHCC—National President Joel Long chats with PHCC of Wisconsin’s:

  • Bernie Friedenfels, chapter president;
  • Jeffrey Beiriger, executive director; and
  • Tyler Arndt, past president.

Among those “Golden Opportunities”:

  • Taking “a seat at the table” … working on codes, licenses, permits, inspections, and more.
  • Offering a comprehensive apprenticeship program, which has helped the state recover “in a very big way,” especially in recent years, in filling the workforce shortage.
  • Taking training to “a new level,” collaborating, for example, with a local union training facility – a “house of imagination in Madison” – and reaching more people via online platforms.
  • Reaching thousands of plumbing and HVAC professionals across the state with its chapter magazine and educational seminars.
  • Taking advantage of PHCC apprentice contests, scholarships, the CONNECT conference, and more to give young people a strong start in the industry. Tyler – who, at age 29, has 22 years of experience in the business – is a prime example!
  • Seeing the education “right in front of us” … which may come from a chapter seminar (“there’s so much knowledge when we get a bunch of people together, but we never really know it until we start asking questions”) or from reading a product brochure or box in your truck over lunch!
  • Committing to more training in HVAC, business, and HR.

As always, we also get personal during this episode, talking about food, hobbies, and favorite podcasts (aside from PHCC Rocks, of course!). As you’ll hear, these gentlemen are invested in their industry and will push you to “always try and improve what you’re doing.” Tune in!

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