• 04.20.21

    A Thank You to the PHCC Family

    While this was intended to be an article about moving forward after our unimaginable tragedy, this missive is really a thank-you letter to our PHCC brothers and sisters – our PHCC family, who have provided us continued strength and hope. As many of you know, GSM Services lost two well-respected HVAC service technicians, James Lewis and Robert Shook, who were killed during a mass shooting on the afternoon of April 7th in Rock Hill, South Carolina. These were two of our best, and my brother Steven and I, along with the rest of the GSM organization, are strengthened more than ever with all the love, compassion, and outreach from the PHCC family and p-h-c community.

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  • 04.19.21

    Advocacy News

    Let Your Voice Be Heard on the Big Issues!
    PHCC—National to Host Its First Virtual Legislative Conference

    Registration is now open for the PHCC 2021 Virtual Legislative Conference to be held on Tuesday, June 15, from 1 – 3 p.m. ET, and on Wednesday, June 16, from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. ET. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet with congressional leaders to express their opinions about the help that is needed to support the p-h-c industry and our members. Take advantage of this critical opportunity to have your voice heard!

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  • 04.12.21

    PHCC—National Association Shocked and Saddened;
    Two GSM Services Technicians Killed in Mass Shooting

    PHCC—National Association is deeply saddened by the tragic loss of GSM Services employee James Lewis, a HVAC service technician who was killed during a mass shooting that took place April 7 in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Mr. Lewis was one of two HVAC service technicians working on a couple’s home when a gunman entered the residence and ...

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  • 03.29.21

    PHCC Contractors on the Pandemic: Positive Signs One Year Later

    After a challenging year resulting from the global pandemic that hit full force in March 2020, the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors—National Association (PHCC) reports that – one year later – there are signs that conditions are improving.

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  • 01.29.21

    The Future of Membership

    One of the areas that PHCC National is exploring is governance – especially as it relates to membership. In preparing for those conversations, I reviewed Sarah L. Sladek’s (2011) book, The End of Membership As We Know It; Building the Fortune-Flipping, Must-Have Association of the Next Century, and took away some key concepts that I think are worth sharing.

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  • 01.26.21

    It’s All About Tangible Value

    I have had an exciting couple of months getting my legs under me and learning what it means to be a PHCC team member. I appreciate the warm welcome I received as I embarked on my “listening tour” these past few weeks, and look forward to meeting many more folks over the next several months.

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  • 01.20.21

    Company Culture is the Difference Maker

    In the workplace, attitudes are infectious. Confusion, negativity, apathy and disengagement may not be verbally communicated but you should recognize that your employees are the first to consume your message. Consequently, your brand may suffer externally. If you don’t use culture to coach your people, it will use you!

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  • 12.11.20

    With Heartfelt Thanks for a Year Shaped By Your Passion and Resilience

    As we move into the final weeks of 2020, I am so proud of our members’ contributions and perspectives throughout this extremely challenging year. Despite a pandemic, protests, a recession, wildfires, hurricanes and a contested presidential election, our Association and our industry continue to demonstrate resilience and determination that, in a larger sense, define this great nation. PHCC members carry on with hope in their eyes and a bone in their teeth as they protect the health and safety of everyone and our planet.

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  • 11.18.20

    A Message from PHCC President Hunter Botto
    PHCC Members: Let’s Make It Happen!

    You would think that assuming the helm of an organization during the height of a global pandemic would be daunting, but when the organization is PHCC and I see every day all the ways the association is helping its members (and members are helping each other), it actually has me excited about our future.

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  • 11.18.20

    PHCC Recognizes Moen as Newest Executive Level Sponsor

    The Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors—National Association (PHCC) announced that long-time PHCC supporter, Moen, a leading manufacturer of residential and commercial faucets, kitchen/bath accessories and bath safety products, is a new executive level sponsor. This status recognizes Moen’s commitment to the association and its initiatives to support professional contractors across the nation.

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