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Why Join PHCC?

To engage with 3,300+ businesses that employ over 65,000 plumbing, heating and cooling employees, all with a level of professionalism and knowledge that cannot be done anywhere else. We have been providing turnkey industry benefits and services since 1883, growing and developing our members businesses and technicians. Come be a part of PHCC. We cannot wait to connect and engage with you and your colleagues. Download our Member Benefits Flyer to learn more, or, watch this video to hear why our members love PHCC!

What are the Membership Options?

PHCC has a variety of membership offerings to fit the diversity of our industry and those we engage with. Some of the memberships offer local, state and national benefits while others offer PHCC National benefits only.

Local, State and National Membership Offerings

Our federation-based membership structure has contractors join at each level–local, state and national. You will then receive benefits and services from each of these organizations. Check out the “PHCC Contractor Membership” box to learn more.

PHCC National Membership Options and Enhanced Service Groups (ESGs)

These options offer direct membership to the national PHCC OR offer additional member benefits on top of your existing PHCC membership. Hover over the boxes below to learn more.

  • PHCC Contractor Membership

    Are you a plumbing, heating, cooling and/or refrigeration business owner seeking to access the Best People and Best Practices © in the industry? Plug into a powerful network of great people, valuable resources, advocacy, education and training.

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  • Quality Services Contractors (QSC)

    Benefits include monthly QSC Updates and access to the Q-List online discussion forum. Networking, education, business resources, a complete library of helpful tools, and a host of additional offerings complement this membership investment.

  • PHCC Associate Membership

    Where else can you engage with business owners of plumbing, heating and cooling contracting companies across the United States? We represent over 3,000 companies in our p-h-c family and welcome you to join and plug into the opportunities we offer our manufacturers, distributors and industry vendors.

  • PHCC Auxiliary Membership

    The Auxiliary consists of men and women with the purpose of “working in partnership with the p-h-c industry through scholarships, education and industry support.” Members have a wide variety of backgrounds, but all have an interest in the p-h-c industry.

  • Union-Affiliated Contractors (UAC)

    The Union-Affiliated Contractors, an enhanced service group of the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors–National Association, represents a unified voice for the signatory contractors within PHCC to make sure special needs and concerns are presented.

  • PHCC Educational Associate

    Are you an instructor actively participating in a plumbing and/or HVACR program? Please complete and submit this form to learn more about joining the PHCC community!

  • Construction Contractors Alliance (CCA)

    Provides the means to find solutions to the many issues new construction contractors face. CCA serves PHCC’s plumbing and mechanical contractors specializing in residential, industrial, commercial and institutional new construction.


If you have questions, please contact our membership department at, toll free at 800-533-7694 or by filling out this form.