Episode 9 – How PHCC of Washington is Leading the Way

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Episode 9 - How PHCC of Washington is Leading the Way


This episode will change your company culture! Tune in to this incredible story of inspiration. (which you’re highly likely to turn into imitation!) during PHCC—National President Joel Long’s conversation with:

  • Jason Pritchard, PHCC—National Zone 3A Director.
  • Dennis Hamon, President, PHCC of Washington.

Discover how this duo went from furniture sales and the mortuary business to become PHCC “rockstars” on the West Coast … and wonderful examples of how PHCC leaders and members are out there to help other members across the country win at a higher level. Check out:

  • How Dennis – known as “Dennis the Apprentice” on Instagram – is sharing his passion to help young people get the most of our their apprenticeships … and he does it easily and authentically in one minute during his commute into work every day!
  • How PHCC of Washington is building on the legacy of “the iconic guys out here” that did a great job of paving the way and now is reinventing itself to better reach younger members and to move forward in a way that benefits all members, says Jason.
  • How Dennis and his business partner put an end to excuses about finding workers and created their own solution using “stuff” (scrap parts, fittings, toilets, tankless water heaters, etc.) they had in a “catch all” space behind their shop to create a training lab. Today, their Thursday-night training sessions not only attract apprentices but suppliers who want their brands included and even licensed plumbers who come to “fine-tune” their skills and learn something new.

As a bonus, we end this conversation with some great book recommendations for your business (including one that Joel says will “change how you look at meetings”)!

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