Episode 8 – PHCC’s Training & Education

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Episode 8 - PHCC's Training & Education


“You’re not alone.” Get to know PHCC’s Education & Training Department and find the solutions you need (or at least know how to ask for them!). Listen in to PHCC—National President Joel Long’s conversation with:

  • Laurie Crigler, chair, PHCC Education Committee.
  • Heidi Salati, PHCC Director of Education & Training

PHCC encourages members to get more connected – day by day, week by week – and this conversation will get you doing just that, connecting you with these PHCC leaders and the content they’re providing to “help business owners be better business people.”

  • Learn more about PHCC’s new Finance Boot Camp (and why Laurie and Joel wish they had this training 25 years ago!).
  • Discover how PHCC’s Education & Training Department is responding to “what keeps you up at night.”
  • Hear how PHCC has “raised the bar” on its webinar series … and where you can find past webinars (available free to PHCC members!).
  • Find out how to locate the education & training resources you didn’t even know you had!
  • Get a preview of the exciting “tracks” PHCC has planned for PHCCCONNECT2022 in Charlotte, North Carolina.
  • Finally, discover which book is Joel reading … AGAIN. (Hint: It’s focused on customer service, so it might help you, too!)

The personal and professional stories during this podcast even reveal a tie that binds Laurie and Heidi! As Joel puts it, “making things personal is how [contractors] grow together a lot of the time.” See for yourself … watch this podcast and get in touch the people and resources you need. (And be sure to take Heidi up on her offer to contact her at salati@naphcc.org with any education ideas or training needs … or if you want to share your story as a presenter at CONNECT.) Connections start here!

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