Episode 7 – Hope in Tennessee

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Episode 7 - Hope in Tennessee


Listen in and you’ll quickly discover why we’re calling this episode Hope in Tennessee! Listen in to PHCC—National President Joel Long’s conversation with PHCC of Tennessee’s: Beth Killen, executive director & Gordy Noe, president.

Through their highly successful education programs, this state chapter is providing hope for lots of young people and families… and for contractors looking to find new workers. Hear how:
• The chapter believes in making FUN part of the mix … to include enjoying a shiny trophy (and bragging rights!) as winners of the PHCC Zone 2 Challenge last October (thanks, in part to Gordy’s skills during the axe throwing challenge!).
• They strive to meet members “right where they are” in terms of communication, making their messaging platforms easy to read and relatable.
• They’ve grown a highly successful hybrid apprenticeship program, fulfilling their vision of running four-year, DOL-certified programs out of their own brick-and-mortar school with a lab and classrooms as well as offering online options. Hear about the extra steps they’re taking to give their students (currently 142 at the school and 35 online) a well-rounded education.
• They’ve grown their Ride and Decide program, which currently pairs 18- to 20-year-olds with contractors to get a “taste of the trades” while working a paid position during their summer break. Beth and Gordy are excited to share this program with chapters across the country. “If you’re going to find the students that want to be successful and work hard, then you have to work hard to find them,” Gordy advises.

Sharing best practices and meeting people is what PHCC Rocks is all about. “I’ve watched a few of the other [episodes],” says Beth. “And I’ve learned something from every one of them.”