Episode 5 – How PHCC of Ohio is Leading with Change

Episode 5 - How PHCC of Ohio is Leading with Change


PHCC—National President Joel Long’s conversation with PHCC of Ohio’s

  • Rocco Fana, executive director.
  • Joe Shank, president.

What’s really behind those signature red jackets we see PHCC of Ohio representatives wearing at association events? Listen in and find out how they came to be and who gets to wear them (and how they’ve led to cases of mistaken identity around Washington, D.C., during PHCC’s Legislative Conference!). This candid conversation with the leaders of this highly successful PHCC chapter is chock full of interest and insights, including:

  • The chapter’s best marketing tool (hint: it’s a who, not a what!).
  • What’s led to the strength and stability of its six local chapters.
  • What Rocco and Joe would like to see included in PHCC—National’s next Strategic Plan.
  • Why they’re optimistic that this could be the year they get a residential licensing bill passed in Ohio.
  • Their personal passions … which both involve working with their hands!
  • The beauty of the chapter’s collaborative efforts with other organizations.