Episode 4 – How Massachusetts is Winning

Episode 4 - How Massachusetts is Winning


Joel’s friendly, casual chat with these chapter leaders uncovers big nuggets on how all members can win at strengthening their PHCC chapters, our National association, and – most importantly – the p-h-c industry! “It’s really a special thing we’ve got going on here,” says Sal.
Listen in and see how true that is!

– Professional stories on how PHCC of Massachusetts is winning big with sold-out booths at its annual tradeshow.
– A magazine that goes to all licensed plumbers in the state, as well as HVAC techs (talk about a member recruitment tool!).
– An image awareness campaign that’s making PHCC “a household name” with contractors.
– A comprehensive code book (the only one of its kind in the state!) that is not only providing value but a PHCC connection with contractors.
– Poignant stories about contractors helping contractors in times of need.
– Personal stories about what excites these leaders moving forward.

It’s candid. It’s personal. It’s professional. It’s insightful.

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