Episode 23 – Passing the Baton: Meet PHCC’s Incoming Leaders

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Episode 23 – Passing the Baton: Meet PHCC’s Incoming Leaders


Watch PHCC—National President Joel Long make his final lap as host of the PHCC Rocks podcast, preparing to pass the baton next week to incoming leadership. He describes this episode’s guests – both from Indiana – as “quiet leaders that take charge and get things done.” Meet:

  • Dave Frame, incoming PHCC—National President, and
  • Laurie Ciriello-Benedict, incoming PHCC—National Secretary.

For these two, it’s all about PEOPLE:

  • “Dave is a collaborator,” says Laura. “What Dave does best is he brings out the talent in you and matches it with talent in others. That’s a gift.”
  • Both share how fellow PHCC contractors – even competitors – helped them in times of need.
  • With “Constructive Collaboration” as his theme for his term as president, Dave provides a snapshot of his focus this year. (Hint: this plumbing contractor is particularly excited about the new HVAC resources and training that PHCC is set to deliver!)
  • Speaking of bringing people together, hear why Dave’s mom used to call him “Tom Sawyer!”
  • Fast forward … find out why it’s important to Dave to increase the collaboration with corporate sponsors, partners, manufacturer reps, even other associations.
  • Discover how listening to the states has led to some exciting initiatives at National to inspire Rising Leaders.

Of course, we also delve into some personal interests for these two … involving marathons and mowing!

We can’t close this chapter of PHCC Rocks without acknowledging that Joel Long has inspired countless viewers and listeners with his Positive Leadership and incredible words of wisdom over 23 podcasts. Hidden in this episode are tons of insightful thoughts from our current PHCC—National President, including:

  • “If you look at the strengths in people, you quit looking at their weaknesses.”
  • “Make the problems small and the good things big.”

Thank you, Joel!

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