Episode 22 – A New (and Young!) Force in North Carolina. See it for yourself at PHCCCONNECT2022!

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Episode 22 – A New (and Young!) Force in North Carolina. See it for yourself at PHCCCONNECT2022!


As you’re about to see … in North Carolina, the status quo has been broken! The “older generation” that has been involved in PHCC for so long has embraced younger contractors, welcomed tons of new members and leaders, and embraced their ideas for change. The result? Unprecedented opportunities for the state association and for you at PHCCCONNECT2022, Oct. 5-7, in Charlotte!

During this episode, PHCC—National President Joel Long chats with PHCC of North Carolina’s:

  • Jeff Voss, chapter president;
  • Rob McClintock, past chapter president and president of McClintock Heating and Cooling; and
  • Stephanie Blazek, chapter executive director.

Hear what makes them most proud … and gain some last-minute strategies for planning for CONNECT:

  • Not afraid to try new things, the chapter has witnessed a good amount of membership growth in the last year, has four local chapters … and is looking to start a fifth!
  • One of those new things is taking their show on the road, replacing the chapter’s big state convention with several mini conventions, a “road show” that cumulatively has resulted in “way more participation” and considerable awareness for PHCC.
  • Right on the heels of CONNECT, the chapter is preparing for its first-ever gala in November to raise even more awareness and raise funds for the PHCC of North Carolina Education Foundation.
  • As North Carolinians, chapter members have taken some of the best parts of past CONNECT conferences, “stirred them up,” and are excited to present them to you in two weeks in Charlotte!
  • They’re extra excited about the Charlotte Pipe and Foundry tour (which has been in business for more than 100 years at that location), the NASCAR Hall of Fame event (“this is NASCAR country!”), and North Carolina Night at Knights Stadium (only a few blocks away from the conference hotel).
  • Rob and Joel share why they are personally bringing young people from their companies to the Rising Leaders Summit.
  • And Rob reveals an interesting strategy that he uses to prepare for CONNECT. (“It really changed our business.”) Maybe it can help move your company forward this year!

Finally, watch to the end for what leaves Joel at a “loss for words” for the first time in 22 episodes!

Listen now as you make your final preparations for Charlotte. (Note: Many North Carolina businesses are taking advantage of the $45 “tradeshow only” pass and bringing all their employees for that opportunity!)

It’s not too late to join us … go to phccweb.org/connect for all the details and registration. See you soon!

Listen to Episode 22 NOW at phccrocks.com.

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