Episode 20 – 35 Years of Progress: The People Behind the Scenes at the PHCC Educational Foundation

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Episode 20 – 35 Years of Progress: The People Behind the Scenes at the PHCC Educational Foundation


There are some good reasons why PHCC chapters and member contractors have such confidence in the PHCC Educational Foundation, and, during this episode, PHCC—National President Joel Long chats with two of them! Hear from the Foundation’s:

  • Cindy Sheridan, chief operating officer, and
  • Angela Collins, senior director of Apprenticeship and Online Training.

Together, they share how:

  • Their skills for listening and learning how to ask good questions have resulted in relevant, innovative, accredited programs and courses for people coming into the p-h-c industry.
  • Joel actually got connected with PHCC after attending a Foundation class led by Kirk Alter. (“It improved my business and my vision on what was possible and really helped set me in a different direction … it was powerful.”)
  • 35 years ago, a small group of contractors decided they wanted to make a difference through education. They formed the Foundation, had the vision to establish an Endowment, and invested their own money. Their legacy continues!
  • The Foundation and the Association work together on behalf of the industry.
  • Staying ahead of the game with technology paid off, especially when the pandemic hit, and has led to increased confidence in online learning by chapters, instructors, and contractors.
  • Cindy’s background in membership has helped the Foundation strengthen its relationship with its PHCC state chapter partners.
  • Excitement is building around the Foundation’s National Plumbing and HVAC Apprentice Contests, being held this fall at PHCCCONNECT2022 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Every year, a crew of dedicated volunteers gives these young people (28 this year!) a chance to meet each other, build a community, and gain confidence in competing on a national stage.
  • The Foundation’s scholarship program grows every year. The work and creativity (and even a little friendly competition!) result in amazing outcomes.
  • The Foundation is building a first-class HVAC program, with Fast Track for HVAC and HVAC Pre-Apprentice programs rolling out next year. As Joel says, this thoughtful process is the “transformative piece” needed to build this association even further.

Our host acknowledges that the plumbing and HVAC industry owes a “debt of gratitude” to the PHCC Educational Foundation for the work it’s doing; this fun and informative conversation will give you a glimpse into the people and processes behind that success!

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