Episode 17 – Poised for Progress: the PHCC—National Auxiliary on Scholarships, the Next Generation, and a Family-Centric CONNECT!

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Episode 17 - Poised for Progress: the PHCC—National Auxiliary on Scholarships, the Next Generation, and a Family-Centric CONNECT!


PHCC Rocks Podcast Episode 17

The PHCC—National Auxiliary may have just celebrated its 100th anniversary, but – without doubt – this passionate group is poised for progress … excited to share what it’s doing to support PHCC and advance the plumbing and HVAC industry. During this episode, PHCC—National President Joel Long chats with:

  • Kathy Tindall, Auxiliary President, and
  • Bonnie Whitaker, Auxiliary President-Elect.

Hear how:

  • Kathy is paying it forward and giving back to the industry that has given her and her family and employees a “very great life.”
  • Bonnie, from North Carolina, is involved in scholarships at both the local and National levels. In fact, the deadline for the Auxiliary’s scholarships is this Friday, July 1. The Auxiliary typically gives around $40,000 in scholarships each year … don’t miss out! Learn more here.
  • The Auxiliary’s history is documented in the Smithsonian Institution. “How did a group of plumbers’ wives change American history? Initially a social club for women, the Auxiliary grew to become one of the nation’s most influential organizations.” Read more here.
  • Today, the Auxiliary to finding a way forward … updating its brand, its vision, and its mission. One of its initiatives is to celebrate women in the industry – to “normalize” their success and encourage others to join. Kathy and Bonnie encourage everyone to leverage the Auxiliary’s Women in the Industry videos – found here – in your recruitment efforts!
  • Kathy responded years ago to a school supervisor who had an ignorant perspective on students who didn’t go to college. (This great story begins around 31:00!)
  • Both PHCC and the Auxiliary are embracing (and encouraging) the “shift back to family.” Don’t miss the Auxiliary’s fun, family-friendly activities at PHCCCONNECT2022 in Charlotte, North Carolina. They include a comedy bus tour, a BINGO event, and an energetic dance class! Bring your loved ones to this year’s family-centric CONNECT!
  • Invite the next generation, too! PHCCCONNECT is changing this year … with “tracks” for plumbing, HVAC, general education, and the next generation. Who are your future leaders? Bring them!

As always, Joel leaves us with his latest book recommendation: The Simple Truths of Service by Ken Blanchard and Barbara Glanz. “It’s a simple story about how important it is to deliver good service and have a great attitude and do what’s best for your customers … and with energy!”

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