Episode 16 – Making Things Happen for the Next Generation is a ‘Mindset’

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Episode 16 - Making Things Happen for the Next Generation is a ‘Mindset’


“PHCC is really a clearinghouse for best ideas, for best practices,” says Joel Long. “It’s transformed my business and my relationships with people.” That’s exactly the kind of value you’ll gain during his conversation with two leaders from PHCC of Illinois who have deep roots in the industry and with PHCC:

• Bev Potts, Executive Director, and

• Tammy Rich-Stimson, Director.

Hear how: • Both leaders got involved in the family business, with fathers who credited PHCC with helping them build their businesses.

• Passion for encouraging the next generation is contagious. “I went to my first PHCC—National convention a few days after I graduated high school … and I was hooked right there,” says Bev. Tammy, second-generation at G.A. Rich & Sons, is now taking her young-adult children, including a daughter, on jobsites. (“As a girl, you didn’t always see where you fit in the family business.”)

• How PHCC of Illinois is closely monitoring the fight for consumer fuel choice that many other states are facing now, so that they’ll be prepared when that legislation hits their state.

• They believe interacting with peers from across the country at PHCCCONNECT is “invaluable.” Tammy was particularly excited to get a taste of PHCC’s Financial Boot Camp last year. “And I’ve seen a lot of education that takes place over a cup of coffee or a beer after the meeting,” adds Bev. “It’s good to get out and get other people’s perspectives.”

• Joel challenges every PHCC member and chapter to invite the next generation to PHCCCONNECT2022, Oct. 5-7, in Charlotte, North Carolina … so that they can realize the value of these relationships. Hear how Tammy used to bring her young kids (and a babysitter) to the annual conference for education and fabulous family time. “It’s a mindset,” she says. This year’s event offers Next Generation opportunities like never before!

And when you see Joel, Bev, and Tammy at CONNECT, you’ll have lots of things to chat about, because Joel brings out personal connections during this episode that range from country dancing and fishing to favorite desserts (and a mutual least favorite!) and a shared interest in the business book Traction. Listen to Episode 16 NOW at phccrocks.com.

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