Episode 15 – Licensing, Apprenticeships and Stability in PHCC Iowa

Episode 15 - Licensing, Apprenticeships and Stability in PHCC Iowa


It’s only been 12 years since PHCC of Iowa helped get statewide licensing approved in The Hawkeye State. Hear how that has led (directly and indirectly) to a ton of other accomplishments by this winning chapter. “Iowa is in great hands,” says PHCC—National President Joel Long during his podcast with PHCC of Iowa’s:

  • Randi Malone, Executive Director, and
  • Jeff Berndt, Secretary/Treasurer.

Hear how:

  • The chapter partnered with the other two “players” in their industry – Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) and the union – to get statewide licensing approved.
  • Iowa state legislators know who PHCC is because of passionate members and board members – and a hired lobbyist – who frequently go to the State Capitol to tackle crucial industry issues.
  • The chapter’s apprenticeship program is “better than anything around this area,” thanks to dedicated leaders and instructors providing a comprehensive hands-on program.
  • The recent decision to also launch the PHCC Educational Foundation’s Online Plumbing & HVAC Apprenticeship Program is meeting the need for flexibility by both contractors and students … plus leading to growth in membership!
  • The chapter is exposing thousands of high school students to career opportunities “they really haven’t been told about” by participating in the state’s “Build My Future” event.”
  • Parents and guidance counselors are finally starting to believe there’s a better path for many students that results in little-to-no debt, transferable skills, and attractive pay. “It’s starting to catch on in massive ways!”
  • It’s good to create your own success and not compare it to somebody else’s.
  • You, too, can encourage positive leadership in the next generation of workers!

Of course, we also get some personal nuggets from our guests: one who is a competitive golfer with a zero handicap and another who is lover of true crime shows (she comes by it honestly!).

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