Episode 14 – The Single Conversation on Legislation That Should Prompt Action By Every Plumbing & HVAC Contractor

Episode 14 - The Single Conversation on Legislation That Should Prompt Action By Every Plumbing & HVAC Contractor


Ever wonder what the daily work of PHCC’s legislative and regulatory team really looks like? How do their efforts directly affect your business (and frankly, the entire industry … not just PHCC members)? PHCC—National President Joel Long’s conversation with the “Mark and Chuck (and Mike!) Show” will be a gamechanger for you. Hear from:

  • Mark Valentini, PHCC—National Director of Legislative Affairs,
  • Chuck White, PHCC—National Vice President of Regulatory Affairs; and
  • Mike Dolan, PHCC Government Relations Committee

You’ll discover:

  • PHCC’s involvement in the legislative and regulatory process … and how a bill eventually becomes a rule that impacts you.
  • The part you play in that process! (“We’re not operating in a vacuum.”)
  • The value of the PHCC Political Action Committee: “It’s about money, but it’s not about buying votes.”
  • The pressure to accurately and consistently communicate key information to PHCC members from the onset of COVID. (“We understood the gravity of the situation.”)
  • How even the “little” legislative wins slowly shape the p-h-c industry.
  • PHCC’s resources to help each state (and how you can monitor legislation in your state right from the PHCC website!).

“Let’s have a ‘go to Washington’ party without leaving your state!”

After listening in here, you’ll want get involved, and PHCC’s Legislative Conference on May 24-25 is your best chance (and easiest opportunity … because it’s virtual again this year!).

  • Worried about what you’ll say? “Just talk about your business … [legislators] need to hear straight from you instead of the lobbyist.”
  • Worried you’ll be alone? Bring a friend! (That’s how Joel got involved!) Plus, you’ll be grouped together with others from your area … “you’re not doing this by yourself.”
  • Want to really enhance your impact? Take on Joel’s challenge to make a contribution to PHCC’s PAC right after you register for the Legislative Conference … and hear what happens if 100 people donate just $25/month for one year!

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