Episode 13 – How PHCC of Nevada Became the State’s Go-to Place on Anything Plumbing and Mechanical

Episode 13 - How PHCC of Nevada Became the State’s Go-to Place on Anything Plumbing and Mechanical


PHCC Rocks Podcast Episode 13

Who doesn’t want to leave a legacy? This trio from PHCC of Nevada truly believe they’re among those in the plumbing, hvac, & contractor industry who “will become legends in the future,” when – in fact – they’re well on their way to becoming legends themselves! Become inspired by the stories and winning lessons shared during PHCC—National Joel Long’s conversation with PHCC of Nevada’s:

  • Jordan Krahenbuhl, executive director;
  • Echo Svoboda, office manager; and
  • Dave Svoboda, apprentice coordinator.

How are they achieving their goal to be Nevada’s “go-to place” for anything plumbing and mechanical?

  • By building phenomenal give-and-take relationships with building departments and state agencies. (Hint: It starts by PHCC asking: “How can we help you?”)
  • By offering training to those out in the field (including inspectors!).
  • By incorporating lots of fun that results in “competitors by day” becoming “best friends at night.” The chapter’s annual events include a legendary holiday party and fall chili cook-off. (“If you’ve never eaten chili out of a toilet, come to our event!”)
  • By giving back to their community through charity events that everyone can contribute to, regardless of their financial status. Hear how!
  • By developing the talents of the future generation of workers at their annual apprentice competition (one of the largest in the country!), through their own apprentice program, and even via partnerships with organizations like Goodwill.

The stories of PHCC of Nevada’s contractors helping other contractors are testament to Jordan’s philosophy that those members who get involved get back “way more” than they put into it.

As always, Joel uncovers some personal secrets from our guests, including the power of a woman and a potential glimpse into Heaven (that involves Elvis!).

And if you want to leave a legacy … listen to the end and take on Joel’s challenge to build the next generation of p-h-c workers. It’s happening this fall in his home state of North Carolina!                                                 

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