Episode 11 – The Ongoing War on Natural Gas Bans: How These Two PHCC Contractors are Helping Contractors Go to Battle.

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Episode 11 - The Ongoing War on Natural Gas Bans: How These Two PHCC Contractors are Helping Contractors Go to Battle.


Rest assured, this episode is an “aha moment” … bringing everything you’ve ever heard about “legislative efforts” – specifically related to decarbonization and natural gas bans – very close to home. Even if you think there’s no chance of it happening in your state, “you better be paying attention,” says PHCC—National President Joel Long. Our two guests – representing both the west and east coasts – are contractors just like you, and they’re tackling a crucial issue that is going to impact your future. Listen in to Joel’s conversation with:

  • Todd Allred, director of industry, PHCC of Washington, and
  • Joe Cornetta, past president, PHCC of Long Island; vice president, PHCC—National.

What you’ll learn:

  • What does the natural gas ban mean to people, day by day? How do you explain opposition to it? P-h-c professionals continue to be some of the biggest protectors of the environment, and that hasn’t changed! This is about consumer choice … and the importance of a process.
  • How do we restore representative government? Hear the strides PHCC of Washington has made … starting with creating a Political Action Committee and partnering with a contracted lobbyist years ago. Plus, discover why it’s important to build relationships of trust with lawmakers before there’s an emergency.
  • How do you create a “battle plan?” New York is currently in the midst of a battle on natural gas bans, and Joe shares how his plan involves “invaluable” support from PHCC members like Todd and from PHCC—National, contacting political allies, establishing an easy way for members to support a cause, and media exposure.
  • How does your chapter get more involved in monitoring bills and advocating on issues impacting your business? Joel, Todd and Joe all weigh in … it’s an answer that starts simple and ends with you becoming the subject matter expert your lawmakers turn to!

This episode is positive leadership at its best … and proof of how PHCC contractor members are helping each other win all across the country!

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