Episode 10 – How PHCC of PA Uses Impactful & Unique Marketing, Communication, & Hiring Campaigns.

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Episode 10 - How PHCC of PA Uses Impactful & Unique Marketing, Communication, & Hiring Campaigns.


Better than a prize at the bottom of a cereal box, there’s an offer toward the end of this episode that could save your PHCC chapter four years and $50,000! You cannot afford to miss PHCC—National President Joel Long’s conversation with PHCC of Pennsylvania’s:

  • Michael McGraw, executive director, and
  • Larry Shoemaker, president.

With strong roots in the plumbing industry, these chapter leaders bring real passion and experience to how they’re steering PHCC of Pennsylvania today … with innovative changes to attract young business owners and the next generation of p-h-c professionals, among others. Check out:

  • Their determination to get statewide licensing requirements passed in Pennsylvania … and the valuable relationships they’ve built with state legislators along the way.
  • The series of four recruitment videos they’ve created, geared toward young adults, career changers, parents, and contractors, respectively. Get a look at their 30-second commercial targeting high school students!
  • How they’ve totally transformed communication among their state chapter and their locals with an innovative app that keeps everyone in the know in real time, streamlines all communication and logistics (even down to paying for an event!), and brings incredible value to the chapter and its members. Best of all, they’re offering to help other PHCC chapters get onboard with this app at a fraction of the time and cost they invested!

As always, we get a glimpse at the personal side of our guests (which, in this episode, involves the Hallmark Channel, preparing for an emergency, and 18 scoops of chocolate ice cream!). And, Joel ends the conversation with another fabulous book recommendation … and advice on why you can’t ignore the “weak link” in your business!                                                                                               

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