Episode 3 – PHCC Indiana’s thoughts, strategies, and focus moving forward.

Episode 3 - PHCC Indiana's thoughts, strategies, and focus moving forward.


Episode 3 features Brenda Dant, who has been leading the chapter as Executive Director for 22 years, and Tyler Frame, a young chapter president who has early memories of going to PHCC meetings with his grandfather when he was a kid and now works for the family business, Bob Frame Plumbing in South Bend, Indiana (where he works alongside his father, PHCC President-elect Dave Frame!).

You’ll love this friendly conversation, full of ideas on strengthening PHCC at the chapter and National levels and getting the most out of your membership. Among the highlights:

  • How a chapter in a small state with a small staff has big involvement.
  • How the chapter’s recent Leadership Summit got young leaders engaged and helped them address today’s issues.
  • How persistence pays … with a need from Indiana contributing to the creation of a planned new Business Intelligence Department at PHCC—National.
  • Why Indiana is giving a big shout-out to fellow Hoosier Chuck White of PHCC—National!
  • What state chapters want more of from PHCC—National.
  • What PHCC has done for Tyler since he got his professional start.
  • Brenda’s advice on “listening” … plus her favorite show on Apple TV+ about an American football coach that has nothing to do with sports but has taught her tons about people and relationships.

It’s candid. It’s personal. It’s professional. It’s insightful.

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