Working with New Refrigerants: Safety First
March 23, 2022

Working with New Refrigerants: Safety First
March 23, 2022
Time: 2 - 3pm ET
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As you’ve probably heard, the world of refrigerants will be changing in the next few years, and these refrigerants will have some level of flammability. What does this mean to contractors and technicians? How will this impact your business operations? During this session, Chuck White, who has represented PHCC on many joint industry committees to prepare for this transition, will share his insights on this crucial topic and help you get on track for the next evolution in the refrigeration and air conditioning markets.
Learning Objectives
  1. Learn the history of the transition to alternate refrigerants
  2. Understand what flammable refrigerants are and what the levels of flammability mean
  3.  Be able to apply safe work practices with flammable refrigerants
Charles “Chuck” R. White serves as Vice President of Regulatory Affairs for PHCC—National Association. White works closely with government regulatory bodies, such as the DOE, and serves on a number of councils and coalitions including NSPC, PERC, ABPA and IAPMO as a representative of PHCC’s contractors.
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