Vehicle Cameras – Why More Contractors Are Using Them
January 27, 2021

Vehicle Cameras –Why More Contractors Are Using Them
Wednesday, January 27, 2021
2pm ET

Learn how contractors successfully use cameras and other technology in their vehicles to both make their technicians better drivers and protect their company from unwarranted litigation.  A live demo will illustrate how contractors are successfully using cameras along with artificial intelligence to ensure the safety and productivity of their fleets.

Trevor Schmidt, Channel Sales Director for Lytx
As Channel Sales Director at Lytx, Trevor is responsible for developing and managing the company’s channel relationships.  With more than a decade working closely with hundreds of commercial fleets using the DriveCam® Program, Trevor brings invaluable experience to the company’s market development activities.  Since 2011 he has focused on building strong strategic partnerships with national insurance carriers with the goal of helping make our roads safer.
Jeremy Cheek, Manager, Risk Management Resource Center for Federated Insurance
Jeremy Cheek is the Manager of Federated’s Risk Management Resource Center. He manages six Risk Consultants that work with their clients remotely across the country and oversees their risk management materials fulfillment department. Jeremy also presents in live events and webinars on risk management topics for Federated Insurance.

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  • Vehicle Cameras – Why More Contractors Are Using Them
  • Vehicle Cameras – Why More Contractors Are Using Them