True Cost of Running a Business Seminar - Houston, TX
March 29, 2019

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You are probably not charging enough for your services…
If you are charging customers less than your costs to do the job, it’s just a matter of time before your cash flow comes to an end. We will help you determine your proper selling price that covers ALL your costs to provide a service, plus a profit based on the % you choose.

In this seminar, you will learn how to:
• Calculate all the pieces that go into employee costs
• Determine field productivity & the billable hours available to the company
• Determine company overhead expenses
• Find your company’s break even rate
• Calculate your profit with a discussion on mark-up vs. margin methods

• Arrive at a solid billable hour price that is based on real numbers –not guesses.

BOTTOM LINE: Invest a few hours with us and learn how to make

more money and improve your cash flow!

This session is a must attend for anyone who has not done the math to determine their own correct selling price, but it also aimed at business owners and key personnel who are responsible for competing against companies that are undercharging for their services.

Use the Tools Available to You as a PHCC Member!

The seminar will include a review of the PHCC Educational Foundation’s Overhead & Profit Calculator, a software tool designed to make the process of finding a proper selling price easy for p-h-c contractors.

All PHCC members receive a free copy of the software!

Sponsored by Gulf Coast PHCC
Instructed by QSC Business Coach, Les Hanks
Registration Cutoff: March 28, 2019
Refund Policy: Cancellations on or before March 28, will be charged a $50 cancellation fee. NO REFUNDS for cancellations after March 28. Attendee substitutions are always permitted at no charge.

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