Outlook for the Economy and the PHC Industry
April 6, 2022

Outlook for the Economy and the PHC Industry
April 6, 2022
2pm ET
Duration: 1 hour
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COVID-19 and its variants; sanctions against Russia for invading Ukraine; financial markets reacting to the Federal Reserve’s plans to raise interest rates. These and other factors are affecting the outlook for the economy and construction. Join PHCC in a webinar with economist Dr. Bernard Markstein to examine the current state of the economy and construction as well as the near-term and longer-term outlook for the economic and construction activity and the impact on the PHC industry. Will the recovery continue, or will the economy slip into recession? How fast will the Fed raise interest rates and by how much? When will supply chain issues be resolved? What is the outlook for inflation in general and building materials prices in particular? Dr. Markstein will answer these and other questions. His discussion will include the outlook for the following sectors of construction: residential (both single-family and multifamily construction), lodging, office, retail, education, and health care.
Learning objectives:
1.Understanding the major forces affecting the national economy currently and the implications for the PHC industry
2.Understanding the economic outlook and the risks to that outlook and the implications for the PHC industry
3.What the implications of supply chain issues and the outlook for their resolution are for the PHC industry 
Bernard M. Markstein is President and Chief Economist, Markstein Advisors, an economic consulting company providing analysis and forecasts of the national economy and construction activity. Dr. Markstein’s experience includes analysis and research in residential and nonresidential construction, housing, real estate, financial markets, macroeconomic issues, and regional markets. Dr. Markstein has appeared on Bloomberg Business, CNBC, Fox Business, and Nightly Business Report (PBS). Among publications where he has been quoted are the New York Times, Business Week, Wall Street Journal, BankRate.com, and Forbes. He is a regular participant in the quarterly Bankrate Economic Indicator survey, the AIA Consensus Construction Forecast survey, and the National Association for Business Economics Economic Policy survey. He is a Senior Adviser to Econsult Solutions, Inc. 
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  • Outlook for the Economy and the PHC Industry
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