Get Heat Pumped Up, Heating Water!
August 19, 2020

Get Heat Pumped Up, Heating Water! 8/19/20 2pm ET

Ever wonder what all the fuss is about with heat pump water heaters? Do they really pay for themselves? Why do utilities offer rebates up to $1,000? Will home owners really proactively replace their current water heater regardless of age, just to have one? Get the answers to these questions and more during this informative seminar with Gregg Holladay, Bradford White. You too will Get Heat Pumped Up!

Presenter: Gregg Holladay Business Development Manager – Specialty Markets Bradford White Water Heaters

Gregg Holladay is a Business Development Manager – Specialty Markets for Bradford White Water Heaters. In his role these past 4 years, Gregg works to educate architects, builders, and the plumbing/HVAC trade on the benefits of Energy Star heat pump water heaters, including Bradford White’s own AeroTherm™.

Before joining the Bradford White team, Gregg spent 32 years with General Electric (GE) where he introduced GeoSpring™, the first Energy Star electric heat pump water heater, to the US market. As a pioneer in this industry, Gregg is considered an expert speaker on this topic conducting countless numbers of webinars and advising utilities across the country on integration best practices. With GE’s exit from the heat pump water heater market, their manufacturing assets were acquired by Bradford White and integrated into their own state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Middleville, MI. Now, Bradford White’s engineers and manufacturing experts use these assets to produce the next generation AeroTherm, the only heat pump water heater with top connections to facilitate easy installation.

  • Get Heat Pumped Up, Heating Water!
  • Get Heat Pumped Up, Heating Water!