Changes in the Global World of Refrigerants
May 22, 2019

The world of refrigerants is expected to evolve in the future.  How far off is that future and why will this happen?

PHCC will host a webinar to discuss where refrigerants are today, some of the regulatory changes that are coming, and where refrigerants are likely to go tomorrow. Join the discussion on phase down’s for HFC refrigerants and what it means when some replacement refrigerants are referred to as mildly flammable and how these changes could affect our industry.

Learning Objectives:
- gain an understanding of the current state of refrigerants
- learn about the future changes of refrigerants and the impact on the industry 
- understand the importance of educating techs on potential safety issues and how to address safely

Join Chuck White, Vice President, Regulatory Affairs, PHCC-National, Jamey Hale, CMS, Senior Technical Training Manager, The Chemours Company and Helen Walter-Terrinoni, Vice President, Regulatory Affairs, AHRI on May 22nd at 2pm ET for the presentation.