Training and Development

Enhance your business management skills and stay ahead of evolving trends by participating in our many educational programs. You’ll find valuable, relevant insights in a variety of formats to help you discover new opportunities to increase profitability and productivity.

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  • Industry Education

    PHCC offers a comprehensive collection of professional development programs from our Education Partners in face-to-face and online formats for all professional career levels. These programs are designed to provide you and your employees with essential skills and information to remain current in a competitive marketplace. We appreciate your patience as we finalize the registration process for a …

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  • Foundation Management Workshops

    The PHCC Foundation's construction management workshops are intensive and highly interactive training sessions designed to show everyone involved in a p-h-c project (owners, senior managers, project managers, estimators, foremen and job superintendents) how common-sense changes to the way projects are managed can boost productivity, slash waste and add more profit to the company's bottom line.

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  • TOP 10 Things You Should Never Say To Your CustomersEVENT

    The Top 10 Things You Should Never Say to Your Customers Stop being honest with your customers. It's hurting your business.  What I mean by this is – stop telling customers what you can't do. …

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  • How To Succeed In The Male Dominated Built Industry: The Advantages Of Workforce DiversityEVENT

    How to Succeed in the Male Dominated Built Industry: The Advantages of Workforce Diversity February 19, 2020 1pm ET Join us for a discussion with women and allies who are already creating a successful competitive edge for their companies.

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  • Essentials Of Project Management ClassEVENT

    PLAY TO WIN THE CONSTRUCTION GAME! Since 1996, the Foundation’s intensive Essentials of Project Management workshop has taught attendees that planning, common sense, standard procedures and clear communication are the keys to strong productivity and steady profits.

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    PHCCCONNECT2020...Enhance Your VISION for Success

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  • QSC Power Meeting 2020 – San DiegoEVENT

    Power Meeting 2020 – Key Into Greater Success! Enhance your communication skills and access your strengths, your creativity, new ideas and resources in ways that you may have never thought possible. Power Meeting 2020 will help you unlock your potential and expand your possibilities for success. REGISTRATION CUTOFF: MARCH 4

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