Our Positions: Apprenticeship

The following is PHCC’s position on apprenticeship as of Mar. 19, 2003. For more information or questions, email government@naphcc.org.  


Experience has demonstrated that the most practical and sound method of preparing workers for employment in skilled occupations is through planned apprenticeship–a training concept which provides for employment and training under actual job conditions supervised by skilled journey workers and at wages commensurate with the apprentice’s skill. In addition, the apprentice’s knowledge and understanding of the occupation is enhanced through participation in approved courses of related and supplemental instruction.

PHCC recognizes the need for continuous training to maintain the high level of skill and competence demanded by this industry and the general public. Further, PHCC recognizes that the responsibility for training rests with those in the industry who are the benefactors of a skilled workforce. PHCC has formulated and adopted Apprenticeship Standards for the training of apprentices. These standards have been submitted and subsequently approved by the U.S. Department of Labor for use as a pattern standard or guideline for use in the states for apprenticeship training.

PHCC’s initiatives will benefit the community and the general public by helping to ensure a continuing supply of skilled and competent craft-workers who will protect the health of the nation. Skilled craft-workers possess the expertise to provide superior work that result in quality installations.


PHCC members have identified that attracting and retaining skilled workers is a concern for the industry. Further, there is a growing shortage of qualified technicians in the p-h-c industry. Given the increasing emphasis on college education, fewer people are entering the trades than ever before. At the same time, the level of knowledge and skill required of a plumber or HVAC technician continues to grow as the industry becomes increasingly more sophisticated and complex.

PHCC is aggressively pursuing broad initiatives to enhance apprenticeship training. PHCC will continue to develop and distribute comprehensive plumbing curriculum used in apprenticeship training. PHCC will continue to promote opportunities in the plumbing occupation through such events as the International Apprentice Contest.

PHCC will develop outreach programs at the state and local levels to recruit new apprentices into the field.


PHCC supports initiatives designed to increase the supply of skilled labor and qualified p-h-c technicians. PHCC supports providing increased access for apprenticeship training.