RWC Launches New HoldRite Website Design for Improved User Experience

October 11, 2021
By Industry News

As HoldRite approaches its 40th anniversary, company announces enhanced digital experience  

In anticipation of HoldRite’s 40th anniversary in 2022, Reliance Worldwide Corporation (RWC) is getting ahead of the celebration with a new website centered on improving the online experience for end users.

These advancements will greatly expand RWC’s digital experience for contractors by using their feedback to inform a new on-site search experience. This will make it easier for customers to find vital information quickly. Additionally, the new website boasts enhanced product and resource filtering.

To further support professional contractors, RWC regularly evaluates its online experience to assess performance and uncover opportunities to optimize the experience. With website visitors growing in sophistication and need, RWC sought the opportunity to improve the HoldRite website to ensure plumbers, engineers, architects, mechanical contractors and electricians were able to efficiently find important product information in a timely manner.

The online enhancements seen on HoldRite’s website, include:

  • New technical download center so visitors can find all relevant documentation in one place
  • Improved “Where to Buy” functionality and site search experience
  • Consolidated product pages with a clean user interface
  • Faster submittal generator process
  • Added filters to product categories
  • Faster site and page speed

“Our customers are busy and want to be able to find information quickly and easily,” said Chris Carrier, Marketing Director, Americas, Reliance Worldwide Corporation. “Improving the user experience became our top priority when redesigning the HoldRite website, and contractors will see continuous improvements in the subsequent brand webpages over the next year.”

HoldRite’s new website launch is the first of several website enhancements to roll out for RWC brands, including changes to, and — all to unify the overall brand and website customer experience.

To view HoldRite’s improved website experience, visit the U.S. site, here, and Canada’s site, here.

About Reliance Worldwide Corporation
Reliance Worldwide Corporation (RWC) is a leading manufacturer of premium branded push-to-connect plumbing products, valves, secondary pipe supports, firestopping solutions, DWV testing and fluid control technologies for residential and commercial applications. RWC’s portfolio of brands includes SharkBite™ push-to-connect plumbing products, HoldRite™ engineered plumbing and mechanical solutions, Cash Acme™ valves and John Guest™ fittings and fluid dispense products.

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