Remarks by PHCC—National Association Vice President Hunter Botto — At Plumber’s Rally in Austin, Texas

June 14, 2019
By Staff Writer, PHCC-National Association

VICE PRESIDENT HUNTER BOTTO: My name is Hunter Botto, Vice President of the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors–National Association and a proud third-generation plumber.  It is incredible when we are united in our efforts how much can be achieved.  We thank Governor Abbott for hearing the cries of the plumbing industry and those that it serves.

I am a proud plumber, who loves plumbers, and holds the state of Texas in high regard for setting the standard in how an industry should be regulated.  The plumbers across the nation are watching Texas and your licensing is to be envied. We do not want to see a well-regulated industry be subject to deregulation and thereby, put the health and safety of Texas citizens at risk. There is more work to be done for sure during what seems to be limited to a 2-year reprieve.

Thank you to all the groups including the educators, the union and the trade associations that worked diligently to get the message out to your state legislators that a standalone licensing agency is of extreme importance. I am sure that the importance of plumbing in the state of Texas will remain the focus of future legislative work.

Licensed professional plumbers undertake years of education and on-the-job training to learn the science and craft of plumbing and become knowledgeable about the best practices necessary to diagnose and solve plumbing problems for their customers. They take their responsibility seriously to ensure the safety of themselves and the public. Licenses assure Texans that the professional plumber is qualified and accountable for the work they perform. Therefore, it is crucial to obtain a license showing proficiency of installation and compliance with codes and standards.

The plumbing professionals and all who are here today stand in solidarity to first and foremost protect the public’s health and safety of Texas citizens and its environment. Again, we thank Governor Abbot for his commitment to help Texas plumbers and all who serve in the plumbing industry do just that.

Staff Writer
, PHCC-National Association
The PHCC-National Association, formed in 1883, provides legislative advocacy, education and training to approximately 3,600 plumbing and HVACR businesses and 65,000 technicians.

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