QSC Power Meeting 2019: Achieving Success One “Fierce” Conversation at a Time

December 19, 2018
By Staff Writer, PHCC-National Association

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Looking for ways to address difficult topics in your business? Having trouble connecting with employees and customers? QSC’s Power Meeting 2019 – March 20-22 in Kansas City, Missouri – is the place for you. Among a line-up of high-caliber sessions is a workshop based on author Susan Scott’s “Fierce Conversations,” where we’ll prepare you for the conversations that you should be having, says Dan Callies, chairman of the Board of Trustees for QSC.

There’s no way to predict which conversations are going to be the critical ones; you have to be ready to show up for every one of them – fiercely! “Tough conversations are probably the most important conversations,” adds Callies, “but we don’t have them because we’re unprepared or don’t know how to approach them … so we’ll be addressing the misperceptions on the fears we have and getting people prepared.”

Callies, who also is president of Oak Creek Plumbing in Wisconsin, says he’s particularly excited about this QSC meeting. “It’s a powerful topic … and a true value that QSC is providing to its membership,” he adds, explaining that a similar workshop could be a $4,000-$5,000 investment, “so the value proposition that we’re bringing here is enormous … and hopefully the beginning of many great things to come by the top providers out there.”

Your Time is Valuable

That’s why QSC has packed the three-day event with game-changing seminars, networking opportunities, industry partner showcases and business coaching. “Our business coaches will be accessible for consultations … talking business, talking issues, talking successes, talking roadblocks,” says Callies. In addition, the coaches will be presenting sessions on topics of particular interest to service and repair contractors – from best business practices and workforce development to pricing and marketing.

The Conversations Continue

“I believe that the true value proposition that QSC has is in the membership – the member-to-member networking and sharing back-and-forth … and that happens at all different levels, at all different times,” Callies says of the Power Meeting. A single conversation, he explains, can change a contractor’s perspective how to do business, how to recruit, how to market … the list goes on. “Every question you could ever have can be answered at these meetings … just through the power of the knowledge of the membership.”

Staff Writer
, PHCC-National Association
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