PHCC Members Can Access Expanded Online Education Through DeVryWORKS Skills Gap Training

May 14, 2020
By Staff Writer, PHCC-National Association

PHCC members can now participate in a full suite of DeVry University online education options at a partner group registration rate and with the potential to earn a degree.

Through a tailored partnership with a well-known education and training provider, PHCC members can access a wide array of DeVryWORKS Skills Gap Training online course modules. The DeVryWORKS offerings cover some of today’s most important business topics, such as leadership; marketing; communications; business acumen; customer service; and recruiting and onboarding veterans. Sample topic areas include “Consumer Behaviors for New Managers,” “Communicating for Impact,” “Consumer Culture” and “Defining Leaders.”

“These programs will help PHCC business owners strengthen their business management expertise and employees gain or strengthen critical management and performance skills,” said PHCC President Jonathan Moyer. “What makes this really appealing is there is something available for professionals of all skill levels. In addition to registering for courses themselves, PHCC business owners can also register their employees for courses that can help elevate workforce performance.”

Moyer added that the education topics align with PHCC members’ most pressing training needs. “We hear a lot these days that business owners need help training their employees on customer service, communication, upselling…a lot of needs for soft skills expertise that these new training programs can help provide,” he said.

These programs add to an arsenal of education and training resources that are available to PHCC members. All of the DeVryWORKS modules are offered online, in either an instructor-supported or self-paced format, enabling members to participate at their own pace.

Participants may elect to follow a course of learning that can lead to college credits with DeVry. They must successfully complete all courses in an academic module and pass a completion exam in order to be eligible for credits towards the corresponding DeVry University degree course, provided the course is available in the program of study.

The full line-up of offerings is available PHCC members can log in with credentials provided by PHCC. For help logging in, contact


Staff Writer
, PHCC-National Association
The PHCC-National Association, formed in 1883, provides legislative advocacy, education and training to approximately 3,300 plumbing and HVACR businesses and 65,000 technicians.

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