PHCC 2021 VIRTUAL Legislative Conference
June 15-16, 2021

Advocacy News
April 8, 2021
By Staff Writer, PHCC-National Association

The Future is Infrastructure: Be the Industry Voice in America’s Biggest Investment

With a new Congress and new Presidential administration in power as the nation prepares for post-pandemic recovery, your opinion and voice are critical during this important year in American history!

Make plans now to participate in the June 15-16 PHCC 2021 VIRTUAL Legislative Conference and educate lawmakers on the significant role our industry can play in rebuilding America’s infrastructure and economy. Plumbing and HVAC contractors have an opportunity to chart the course of the biggest investment in American infrastructure in more than half a century.

You will have access to:

  • Insider political analysis from keynote speakers
  • Targeted issues briefing and advocacy tips
  • Orientation on conducting virtual meetings with legislators and staff
  • Live virtual visits with your representatives in Congress

And, you’ll be able educate policymakers on:

  • Skills training and apprenticeship, and the role it plays in shaping the workforce of the future
  • The role you’ll play in rebuilding and reinforcing America’s water infrastructure
  • The importance of maintaining a diverse and cost-effective energy portfolio which includes natural gas to supplement Americans’ energy needs

“Insider” Keynote Speaker

Journalist Reid Wilson, an “insider’s insider,” will share spot-on exclusive political and elections analysis in a “Politics Politics Politics!” keynote presentation on June 15. A correspondent for The Hill newspaper and former editor-in-chief of National Journal’s “The Hotline,” Reid is a frequent political fixture on C-SPAN and the major radio and cable news outlets, offering unique nonpartisan insight and analysis using visual presentations and statistics.

Convenient Virtual Format

While we cannot meet in person with Congressional offices this year, you can share your real-life insights directly to your Federal representatives through an easy-to-use online Zoom platform—all from the comfort of your office or home! Meetings will be set up for you by expert schedulers based on your state and Congressional district. PHCC staff and online vendors will provide two opportunities prior to your meetings to familiarize you with the platform and address any concerns you may have.

PHCC 2021 VIRTUAL Legislative Conference Sponsor Federated InsuranceThis new virtual advocacy conference will provide the same level of value as the traditional in-person PHCC Legislative Conference, with some additional advantages. In fact, reviews from our counterparts in other industry associations indicate that members of Congress and their staff actually had more time to talk to them and had significantly fewer distractions than when they are in person Capitol Hill during a session of Congress. Because you won’t be traveling, you will be able to participate in the online meetings as you would any other commitment during the course of your workday. And with fewer advocacy groups holding meetings right now, your voice will carry extra weight in Washington!

Register now for the PHCC 2021 VIRTUAL Legislative Conference and take advantage of this critical opportunity to have your voice heard!  Registration is open to members and non-members of PHCC. Early bird registration ends May 22.

Staff Writer
, PHCC-National Association
The PHCC-National Association, formed in 1883, provides legislative advocacy, education and training to approximately 3,300 plumbing and HVACR businesses and 65,000 technicians.

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