March 11 is World Plumbing Day

March 7, 2019
By Staff Writer, PHCC-National Association

As a proud member of the World Plumbing Council (WPC), the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors—National Association (PHCC) encourages all those in the plumbing industry to actively participate in World Plumbing Day on Monday, March 11.

“Plumbing improves the world,” says PHCC President Ken Nielsen, “and World Plumbing Day is a perfect opportunity for every professional in our crucial industry to share what they know about the vital role good quality plumbing plays in ensuring the health, safety and comfort of society and the protection of our environment, which a vital part of PHCC’s mission.”

Since 2010 – when World Plumbing Day was established – March 11 has been a fixed date when the plumbing industry comes together to learn, share knowledge, build connections and find opportunities to collaborate to improve the quality of – and access to – fresh water and safe sanitation.

To celebrate the day and educate their communities, PHCC members and other plumbing professionals can access a host of resources. This year, the WPC has enhanced these offerings with a practical guide to supporting World Plumbing Day, plus fact sheets, posters, social media posts, a PowerPoint presentation to use in schools to teach children about the plumbing profession, and more.

“This is a day of celebration, but it’s also a day of education,” adds Nielsen. “I hope every plumbing professional out there leverages these tools and their own resources to share how skilled plumbers are working hard every day to make this world a safer place.”

Staff Writer
, PHCC-National Association
The PHCC-National Association, formed in 1883, provides legislative advocacy, education and training to approximately 3,600 plumbing and HVACR businesses and 65,000 technicians.

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