Lessons from the Strategic Management Workshop

Kirk Alter and Nate Koejte at Strategic Management Workshop
July 10, 2019
By Staff Writer, PHCC Educational Foundation

“There’s no room in our company for brilliant jerks!” shared instructor Nate Koejte at the Foundation’s two-day workshop for contractor business owners and key employees. “We love having sharp employees, but not if it comes with the baggage of an ego or abusive attitude. Simply stating this as a company rule can do a lot to change the behavior of your employees.”

Dozens of simple tips to improve recruiting, company culture and build a successful company were shared by Koejte and lead instructor Kirk Alter during the Foundation’s Strategic Management Workshop. The class ran June 21 & 22 in Nashua, New Hampshire at Viega’s Training Center. The attendees also left with a business plan targeting goals for the next 3-5 years and the methods they will use to reach those goals.

Additional pearls of wisdom from the workshop –

On Company Culture & Building Teams

  1. Remember that the hard work of building an effective team is your responsibility as a member/leader of the team.
  2. Everyone in management needs to know enough about everyone else’s role to be able to have empathy and passing knowledge of the lingo and work involved.
  3. Your job as a leader is to build the team – it’s not HR’s job to find them.
  4. Recognize that you have unconscious bias. Diverse experiences and references bring better decisions.
  5. Your network looks like you. You have to find access to networks outside of your own to recruit.
  6. If you are focused on making people happy, the money will come. Keep employees and customers happy, and you will keep the best of both.

Class instructor Nate Koejte

On Being a Better Company Leader

  1. You are not paid to be you. You are paid to be effective. If you need to be more effective, then learn how.
  2. Sometimes people outgrow the company, sometimes the company outgrows people. Don’t be afraid of making difficult changes in management.
  3. Shrink the goals to make big changes feel more achievable. Focus on quarterly or even monthly objectives to make it to the 5-year goal. Success builds momentum.
  4. Read more – a lot more. Reading 13 pages a day can get you to finishing a book each month.
  5. Work to reduce echoing in meetings – people repeating everything someone else just said & then add one more thing is a waste of time.
  6. Anyone in your organization should be able to tell the boss (privately) that an idea or plan is bad without fear. And that boss should be able to give a response that addresses the employee’s concerns, even if they are not going to make any changes based on that conversation.

On Building Wealth

Strategic Management Workshop Collage

  1. Work toward acquiring at least five different revenue streams.
  2. Do not dangle an offer of an ownership stake in the company to anyone for any reason unless they have worked for you for at least five years and have proven themselves valuable to the company. Ownership is a precious resource and can be incredibly difficult to pull back from someone who has a change of heart about their future with the company.
  3. Create the first draft of the letter to your spouse in case of your death. It will focus you on what is really important and to make plans about your financial future.

The next Foundation class will be our Essentials of Project Management class, aimed at construction PM’s. That program is scheduled for March 18-21, 2020. Please follow the link below to e-mail us about reserving seats for that program.

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