Make a Gift, Make a Difference

May 4, 2020
By Staff Writer, PHCC Educational Foundation
Scholarship Winners
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It is in times of crisis that we show who we truly are, and I am proud of my fellow PHCC members.
Contractors are proving that we are essential as we work to expand medical treatment facilities and keep those customers stuck at home safe & comfortable. Thank you to all who are doing great work!
My name is Craig Lewis, a PHCC contractor from College Station, Texas. I’m also Chair of the PHCC Educational Foundation. I’m writing to you today with PHCC President Jonathan Moyer, President-elect Hunter Botto and Vice President Joel Long.
We are all volunteer leaders the PHCC Educational Foundation, we are all Foundation donors and we all wanted to make sure you’re aware that your support of the Foundation is also essential to bringing critical help to those who need it during this crisis. 
  • Put yourself in the boots of a 4th year apprentice just a few weeks away from completing classes – with school closed and no way to finish. Thanks to the Foundation’s supporters who helped build out the PHCC Academy, state and local PHCC chapters are converting their classroom apprentice programs to the Foundation’s online training to help them finish.
  • And even as others are cutting back, our donations will help deliver more scholarships this year than ever before – 56 awards worth over $100,000. Our past contributions are keeping those apprentices enrolled!
  • Our gifts are providing online pre-apprentice training at no cost to anyone interested – helping to build a new base of prospects to hire when business ramps back up.
  • Our gifts have been put to work delivering help for us too. Training on COVID, a new page of software tools and a weekly online discussion group are providing timely answers on what we should be doing now and how to prepare for what is going to be thrown at us next. 
Double Dollars: Our incredible corporate donors have pledged to match every dollar we receive through May 30, up to $10,000. This incredibly generous offer disappears after that – so please help us to use every cent before the deadline!
I get to see the thank you notes from our scholarship winners, plus the messages from the contractors and PHCC chapter executives who are using the Foundation’s programs. Those notes are part of the reason why I became the Foundation Chair, why I make my own gift each year and why I am asking you to do your part by making a gift too!
Thank you.
Craig Lewis and the Foundation’s Fundraising Leadership Team
Craig Lewis, Jonathan Moyer, Hunter Botto and Joel Long
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If You Have Already Given or Choose to Give Today, Thank You For Your Gift in Support of Our Educational Mission!


The PHCC Educational Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit established in December 1986 by PHCC members with the goal of helping their fellow contractors be more successful through education and professional training. These contractors believed and still believe that by helping their friends and their competitors, the whole profession benefits.

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