CEO Message: Connect to Collaborate. Collaborate at CONNECT!

October 1, 2022
By Mark Ingrao, Chief Executive Officer

I recently was asked by PHCC Corporate Partner Federated Insurance to participate in a video interview highlighting PHCC as an organization, including its partnership with Federated. For most of us, it can be a little scary to put yourself out there – in front of a camera – but during the interview I knew I was among friends, which helped put me at ease.

Fortunately, I quickly became so comfortable that I truly began speaking from the heart, especially when talking about PHCC’s Core Values: Professionalism, Leadership, Member-Focus, and Collaboration. In my opinion, this last one – Collaboration – impacts everything else we do. In fact, “Paving the Way for Constructive Collaboration” was the theme of PHCCCONNECT2022 in Charlotte, North Carolina. While we will recognized and thanked current PHCC President Joel Long for his positive leadership this year, we also welcomed President-Elect Dave Frame and his message of constructive collaboration.

In my first year here at PHCC, I have seen many examples of collaboration at work. Some include:

  • As a federation, we collaborate with our chapters to provide the best member experience.
  • We collaborate with legislators at all levels of government to ensure laws are passed that will help our members best serve their respective communities.
  • We collaborate with our corporate partners, like Federated, to advance the missions of both organizations.
  • We also collaborate with other associations to ensure the voice of the contractor is heard.

Making Collaboration Work

In reality, we are all moving toward the same goals, and we need each other to achieve them. Many times, that means leaving one’s personal agendas at the door and connecting with others by getting to know them, learning and understanding their pain points (many of which may be the same as ours!), communicating regularly, and building trust. By working together and helping each other win, we end up doing what’s best for the industry.

As testament to that, PHCC has realized many successes on your behalf. We’re excited to implement PHCC’s new five-year Strategic Plan, with initiatives centered around Membership, Public Awareness, HVAC and Plumbing Resources, Workforce, and Organizational Readiness.

As you look toward 2023, think about how you can implement more collaborative efforts in your own business plan. For example, are there ways you can work more effectively with your sales reps, partner with your wholesalers, or tap into manufacturer education? Also consider how to make the most of your PHCC member benefits and services, all designed to make you the “contractor of choice” in your area.

Providing Value

Throughout my life and career, I have made so many valuable connections, and I am grateful for each one. Through these partnerships, I have grown as a person and a professional. My interview with Federated is a case in point; I discovered how strengthening our knowledge of each other as partners ends up advancing both our organizations.

From the time I interviewed for the PHCC CEO position, I have been struck by how committed PHCC leadership, chapter executives, and members are to doing what is good for the association … staff at National supporting local initiatives, chapters learning from other chapters, young professionals stepping into leadership roles, the list goes on. In building and maintaining those valuable connections, I’m confident we’ll continue to realize success at every level of this federation … and for every member business.

Chief Executive Officer
, PHCC—National Association
Mark S. Ingrao, CCP, CAE, is Chief Executive Officer of PHCC—National Association. With decades of executive-level association management experience – particularly in the construction industry – Ingrao and his team work to ensure that PHCC contractors are the best choice for professionalism, reliable products and knowledgeable service.

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