Another Texas Licensing Battle Expected

Advocacy News
January 26, 2021
By Mark Valentini, Director of Legislative Affairs

As the Texas State Legislature gears up for its biannual session, a bill was pre-filed in late November in the Texas House of Representatives that would extend the charter of the state’s Board of Plumbing Examiners (BPE). HB636, if passed into law, would allow the BPE to operate until September 1, 2027, unless the state’s sunset review process determines it should continue to exist.

As a reminder, in 2019 the state legislature allowed the BPE to expire until Texas Governor Greg Abbott intervened with an executive order to extend the BPE for another two years. PHCC is closely monitoring this situation, as it is indicative of a broader effort in other states to eliminate professional licensure for a variety of occupations under the guise of “regulatory efficiency.” PHCC believes that professional licensure – however administered in each state – is necessary to protect the industry from the scourge of mediocrity and to protect the health and safety of the American people.


Director of Legislative Affairs
, PHCC-National Association
Mark Valentini is the Director of Legislative Affairs for PHCC—National Association. A seasoned professional with more than 20 years of experience on Capitol Hill and with several national trade associations, Valentini applies his expertise in public policy, workforce and training, and insurance and tax matters to advocate on behalf of all PHCC members.

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