Achieving the Perfect Balance

December 11, 2019
By Dave Chic, Program Director of QSC

QSC Business Coach Les Hanks and I recently had the pleasure of speaking with QSC members Karen and Daniel Hill, owners of HM Plumbing, based in Kennesaw, Georgia, following Les’s April Performance Excellence Group session held in Frederick, Maryland.

QSC Members Karen and Daniel Hill of HM Plumbing

QSC Members Karen and Daniel Hill, owners of HM Plumbing

Daniel Hill had an exciting childhood growing up in Southeast Asia with a missionary family. Finding a passion in the field of construction and plumbing for almost 30 years, Daniel founded HM Plumbing in 2007 with just ‘him and a truck’. His wife Karen, a native Texan, joined him in 2008 bringing with her an extensive background in business & marketing management.

Karen and Daniel are devoted to improving the quality of life for everyone they can, both locally and globally. HM Plumbing supports several local organizations in their missions to do the same.

This husband and wife team thoughtfully agreed to share a key aspect to business and personal success, achievement of “the perfect balance,” in this our Inaugural “QSC Members’ Perspective” article.

Both heartily agreed that working with a spouse has its challenges it also has its victories. They make sure they:

  • Maintain clear lines of delineation between spouse and business partner roles
  • Keep personal issues “off the table” until after business hours
  • Don’t talk about business after 5 p.m.
  • When they reach an impasse regarding decisions that need to be made, they enlist the help of a trusted, neutral third party
  • Don’t go to bed with unresolved disputes

Daniel commented that to operate successful business there must be “a balance between duties and talents” as well. He mentioned that Karen came from a high- profile, corporate environment that sharpened her already-strong leadership skills and has proven to be an invaluable asset to the operations aspect of their business.

Her experience, when coupled with Daniel’s years of industry knowledge, Daniel said “helped them build the perfect balance that was needed to succeed.” He added that all of this was despite the challenge of work schedules and family life obligations.

To build and maintain the “perfect balance”:

  • “Work to your team members’ strengths and their talents” – don’t try to make them fill roles for which they are not suited
  • Work hard to maintain good talent – recognize their contributions
  • Understand what motivates your team members
  • Offer feedback, training and clearly define employees’ expectations – daily
  • Encourage and reward the implementation of core values such as integrity, character and that hard work pays off

I would like to thank Karen and Daniel for kindly sharing their thoughts and their commitment to improving the quality of life for everyone they can.

Program Director
Dave Chic is the Program Director for Quality Service Contractors(QSC). QSC is a professional network exclusively for members of the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors—National Association (PHCC). QSC provides specialized business management resources, services and training for plumbing and HVACR service and repair contractors.

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