A Year of “Last Times”

PHCC - Staff Awards
September 27, 2021
By Michael Copp, Executive Vice President

It is amazing that over six years have passed since I began my tenure as PHCC’s chief staff officer and this year has been filled with many “last times.” It’s been the last time for building budgets, preparing strategic plans, visiting corporate partners and sponsors, presenting at chapter conventions, participating in media podcasts, attending Alliance meetings, writing this PHCC CEO Team Brief, and now constructing our face-to-face PHCCCONNECT2021. There have also been unprecedented events like the COVID-19 pandemic and the senseless killing of two PHCC contractor-member employees. I hope that we’ve seen the last of situations like these for last time! Like trees shedding their canopies of persimmon leaves here in Virginia, we too have shed an enduring darkness and now squint with optimism under skies of Carolina Blue.

It’s less about letting peace find you, but more about intentionally finding peace. So as my wife and I begin our next adventure highlighted by an occasional hootenanny, I want to express my thanks to our staff, chapter executives, sponsors, manufacturers, suppliers, exhibitors, industry press, alliance members, and PHCC members and leaders for your gracious commitment to this great industry. As I said when I first started and continue to believe to this day: we build trust through thoughtful debate, collaboration and transparency; we avoid consensus of the uninformed; and we peel away obstructions to innovation, agility, growth and diversity. As Steven Covey noted, “Strength lies in differences, not in similarities.”

Congratulations to Mark Ingrao, CCP, CAE, former CEO of the Northern Virginia Building Industry Association, for being selected as PHCC National’s CEO to take our PHCC Federation to the next level of service for our members and advocacy against all that obstructs industry and business growth. You are surrounded by top-notch talent who are dedicated to success for everyone at all levels of the PHCC family. And when the time comes for you to take your leave, may your “last times” bring you comfort that the “collective you” made a difference and left things a little better than you found them! Sure, there will be a few moments where you find your head in your hands, but you will have staff and members alike who want you to succeed– and as President Bush wrote to President Obama in 2009, “No matter what comes, you will be inspired by the character and compassion of the people you now lead.”


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