President’s Corner: Giving Back

January 5, 2018
By Laurie Crigler, PHCC-National Association President (2017-2018)

“Tis the season of giving,” as they say … the season of giving to our families, our friends and our loved ones. But now as we welcome the new year, I would like to say that this is the season to “give back”– volunteer to help your industry and association.

As contractors, we devote much of our time and energy into making our businesses thrive and grow. We stay up late at night, work weekends and think – non-stop – about what the next step is for our companies. And at some point, hopefully, we step back and look at what we have built. Our employees are producing; things are humming along; there is money in the bank. Now what?

NOW is the time to give back to the industry and your association that has been so good to you and your family. Give back (you say)? Seriously …can’t I just lay around in my hammock (you say)?

But that is not in the nature of business owners. To not be “doing” something all the time is contrary to what you have been doing all these years. And there are so many ways to give back to the industry.

Volunteer for something in your PHCC association. Perhaps, locally, you could teach an apprenticeship class or be member of the local or state board trying to grow membership. Be a mentor to a newer contractor. Give that contractor the benefit of all that knowledge you have gained over the years growing your own company. Volunteer to serve on a committee (local, state or national) … those committees are ALWAYS looking for successful, willing committee members. Help your local apprenticeship class re-write curriculum so it is relevant.

PHCC is blessed with many who do give back to their industry. They give money to the Educational Foundation that provides a lot of the programs and scholarships through this association. They work physically on the Apprenticeship Committee by helping to set up and run the Skills USA competition and/or the PHCC Apprentice Contests. They serve on curriculum committees helping to revise our Apprenticeship books, making sure they are current with codes and regulations. They volunteer to help on the Government Relations and PAC Committees, ensuring the legislation and regulations are appropriate for our industry.

And now (drum roll please) … there is an even easier way for our members to give back. They can go to the PHCC website, look at the variety of committees this association has, and nominate themselves. We need folks who have not been involved in these committees before to get involved so we can continue to remain current, fresh and relevant for our members.

Yes, it is the season for “giving back to the industry.” Give someone the benefit of all your knowledge and expertise, and help our membership expand in numbers and grow professionally. Remember we are “The Best People with the Best Practices,” and that is the message we want to “give” to the next generation.

Happy New Year!

PHCC-National Association President (2017-2018)
, PHCC-National Association
L&D Associates, Inc.
Charlottesville, Virginia

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