President’s Corner: A Brilliant Workforce Solution That Now Can Work for You, Too!

April 11, 2018
By Laurie Crigler, PHCC-National Association President (2017-2018)

By now you already know that one of my big jobs, as President of this great association, is to work on workforce issues. It is a huge task, and we (PHCC—National) are coming at it from a variety of angles:

  • We have met with the White House and Congress to alert them to the critical needs in our industry.
  • We have joined coalitions of other industry associations to get the word out about how desperate the workforce issues are.
  • We have talked about immigration policies in our Government Relations Committee to describe how best we could support “guest worker” programs to aid in solving the workforce issues.
  • We have set up to let folks know the benefits of being employed in our industry.
  • We have designed online e-learning apprenticeship programs that many states are using to bring young people into this industry.
  • We have sent out statistics about the cost of a college education versus the cost and benefits of apprenticeship that can be used to sway young people (and their parents) to understand the value of working in the trades.
  • We have talked with the U.S. Department of Labor and the Department of Education about the need to reintroduce trades to the high schools so that our young people have a viable alternative to college for secondary education.

But … what have we (PHCC—National) done to help you: the contractors in the trenches dealing with the workforce shortages on an everyday basis?

Well … on top of the programs developed by PHCC and the Educational Foundation promoting apprenticeships, online education, webinars, and lots of business development and professional development programs, we have also produced an abundance of materials that can be used not only to market your company, recruit new talent and help brand PHCC but to make the public more aware of the opportunities and the professionalism associated with our industry. These materials can be found on our website ( under the “Members Only Resources” section. Look for items identified with the heading PHC Careers Promotional Materials to view new posters and ads that direct people to our youth-oriented website (

My son, Danny, sparked the idea for one of the ads. He remembered me saying that our company was inundated with requests to advertise in the football program, the yearbook, the basketball program, the graduation ad in the newspaper, etc. (you get the idea … I’m sure you get similar requests!). After working with our local high school trades teacher, Danny thought we should design an “earn while you learn” ad that could be used for those types of outlets … plugging the industry (with us as a contact point) rather than simply promoting our company. Brilliant idea! (And now I can enthusiastically say “yes” to these ads and promote our industry and PHCC at the same time. Like I said, brilliant!)

At about the same time, PHCC of Texas Executive Director Alicia Dover suggested to the PHCC Educational Foundation that a poster be produced that PHCC—National and chapters could display at trade shows, career fairs, etc.  It was perfect timing for the idea; PHCC simply converted the original yearbook ad into a standard-sized poster that can be customized by a contractor or chapter.

So now, with these customizable ads and posters, PHCC has made it easy for you to do the same. Please look at the resources available at and see if you can use some of the many materials that are being developed to promote our industry as a fabulous place to work, earn a great living and have a happy life. And if you have another idea for a new recruitment/retention tool, just submit it to

Together we can solve the workforce shortage issue!

PHCC-National Association President (2017-2018)
, PHCC-National Association
L&D Associates, Inc.
Charlottesville, Virginia

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